5 09, 2022

Selecting Your Sites for Next Year


It may be difficult to believe, but preplanning where you’re going to stay next season really begins now. This is because a lot of campgrounds are filling up well in advance, and more people want to immerse themselves in the local scene. How do you go about picking your perfect sites for next year’s camping [...]

Selecting Your Sites for Next Year2022-07-05T08:51:14-04:00
26 04, 2022

Q&A: Class C Motorhomes


When it comes to motorhomes, a favorite for many is a Class C motorhome. They are smaller than large Class A motorhomes, contain a driving compartment, and seem to welcome spontaneous camping trips because of their ease of use and overall ease of mobility. Let’s discuss Class C motorhomes more at length.   How is [...]

Q&A: Class C Motorhomes2022-04-26T13:51:13-04:00
23 02, 2022

Head South… to Southern Michigan


Winter is no joke in Michigan, but even though the state sees significant cold and snowfall, spring comes a little bit sooner to the southern portion of the Lower Peninsula. Take a break from the winter chill and welcome in spring by exploring what this region of Michigan has to offer outside of the high [...]

Head South… to Southern Michigan2022-02-23T13:55:29-05:00
26 01, 2022

4 Pros of Retiring in an RV


There are a lot of upsides to investing in an RV and spending your retirement in a comfortable recreation vehicle. However, you need to come to this decision gradually and with a comprehensive understanding of what RV ownership and life entails – especially if you’ve never done either up until that point. Here, we share [...]

4 Pros of Retiring in an RV2022-01-26T05:41:11-05:00
1 07, 2021

Michigan Events in July 2021


Last year, 2020, was a bit of a bust when it came to events. This July is looking a lot more… eventful! Although many events have been cancelled or moved online, based on the information known at hand at the time of the decision or based on comfort level, there are still plenty of events [...]

Michigan Events in July 20212021-06-29T12:56:46-04:00
4 09, 2020

Driving Tour: Southeast Michigan Color Tour


The Upper Peninsula and northern Lower Michigan get most of the credit when it comes to fall foliage and taking scenic drives. The metropolitan areas don’t get a lot of recognition, yet the city architects took Michigan’s natural beauty into consideration – and you’ll really appreciate it when fall rolls around. From mid- to late [...]

Driving Tour: Southeast Michigan Color Tour2020-09-04T06:44:36-04:00
11 02, 2020

Why do we love RVing? Let Us Count the Ways


“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways….” This commonly referenced snippet of poetry is one that everyone seems to know. Although the words are intended for a beloved person, the sentiment it embodies can be carried to other areas of life. We love our family and friends. We love going camping. We love [...]

Why do we love RVing? Let Us Count the Ways2020-02-12T08:12:07-05:00
30 12, 2019

Best Content of 2019


When the new year rolls around, it’s tradition to look at the year that’s quickly disappearing in the review mirror: What did we do? Where did we go? What were the best times we had? What changed our lives? Traveling and camping in an RV probably tops the list, and all the other questions can [...]

Best Content of 20192019-12-31T07:05:48-05:00
14 05, 2019

A Camper’s Pastime: Bike Riding


What would camping be without bringing a bike along? For kids, bikes offer the freedom to roam the campground and grab an ice cream bar at the main office. For adults, they offer easy transportation and exercise. But bikes can be used for more than just pedaling around the campground. Michigan is home to the [...]

A Camper’s Pastime: Bike Riding2021-05-13T05:22:49-04:00
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