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10 09, 2023

Three Fall Trails in Northwest Michigan


Autumn is a special time in Michigan. The vast wilderness looks like an impressionist’s painting, and the bursts of color found throughout cities and towns pop with joyous flare. The Northwest Lower Michigan region, between Grand Rapids and the Mackinac Bridge, is abundant with color and life this time of year. Here are three fall [...]

Three Fall Trails in Northwest Michigan2023-08-31T09:59:29-04:00
5 09, 2023

Using the RV for Fall School Sports


You don’t need to go camping in the fall (although fall camping is a great idea and here’s why) to extend the useful season of your RV. Taking the RV along to set up either as a base camp for the weekend or as a side hangout at the competition can be ideal if you [...]

Using the RV for Fall School Sports2023-08-31T14:11:28-04:00
7 08, 2023

Upper Peninsula Driving Tour: Beacons of Light Along Lake Superior


There are a lot of reasons to visit the Upper Peninsula of Michigan: the wilderness, the seclusion, the vistas, the people. The sights abound from natural wonders (see this article) to incredible feats of mankind. For a landmass that has a lot of Great Lakes coastline, lighthouses became essential for the safety of primarily commercial [...]

Upper Peninsula Driving Tour: Beacons of Light Along Lake Superior2023-08-07T22:31:12-04:00
28 07, 2023

Michigan Cider Crawl In and Around Beautiful Holland


Mileage: 38 miles Driving Time: 1 hour, 2 minutes Holland is affectionally known as “Dutch Town,” thanks to the heritage of its settlers. Home of the Tulip Time festival each spring – and yes, they do wear wooden shoes and traditional garb – Holland is a homey mid-sized town that sits conveniently on the shores [...]

Michigan Cider Crawl In and Around Beautiful Holland2023-07-28T09:47:02-04:00
20 07, 2023

The Benefits of Being a Seasonal RVer


Although many RVers are weekend warriors – they only travel and camp on the weekends – or take a couple extended trips a year – so workers can take vacation time – there is another “type” of RVer that is growing in popularity. Seasonal RVers are those who set up their RV spot and stay [...]

The Benefits of Being a Seasonal RVer2023-07-20T14:24:42-04:00
10 07, 2023

RVing 101: 7 Budgeting Tips


Vacations come at a cost, and RV vacations are no different. Although RV vacations can be 40 to 60 percent less than a hotel vacation (RVIA) – especially when it comes to lodging and food expenses, not to mention method of travel – it’s important to remain cognizant of your spending. Here are several budgeting [...]

RVing 101: 7 Budgeting Tips2023-07-11T09:52:58-04:00
2 07, 2023

5 Picnic Spots Around Historic Detroit


Driving time: 1 hour, 45 minutes Mileage: 63 miles You can choose to make this into a driving tour, or you can select a park at which to spend time, depending on your schedule. The good news, all of these parks circumvent the busyness of Metro Detroit – and they are beautiful places to visit, [...]

5 Picnic Spots Around Historic Detroit2023-06-30T07:04:54-04:00
26 06, 2023

Independence Day Celebratory Recipes for the Campsite


4th of July Charcuterie Board – Courtesy of thekitchenprepblog.com If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and impressive appetizer, then look no further than this red, white, and blue charcuterie board, which features delicious cheese, fresh summer berries, and buttery crackers. Lay out the ingredients “just so” to show off Old Glory. Ingredients Blueberry Goat [...]

Independence Day Celebratory Recipes for the Campsite2023-06-27T06:56:54-04:00
19 06, 2023

Choosing an RV for the “Light” Reasons


More and more people are choosing to purchase RVs, hit the road, go camping, and go camping. Michigan has always has been an attractive destination for RVers for decades. As potential RV owners look to purchasing their own RVs, lightweight and ultra-lightweight RV models continue to be of high interest. “Since 2020 we have seen [...]

Choosing an RV for the “Light” Reasons2023-06-19T22:15:28-04:00
13 06, 2023

By Land and Sea: A Trio of Glass Bottom Shipwreck Tours


Featured image from Shipwreck Tours, Munising, Michigan Driving time: 3 hours, 38 minutes Mileage: 217 miles The Great Lakes can be as treacherous as they are beautiful. Poor weather can cause the waters to become hazardous, and the lakes have swallowed up their fair share of vessels of all sizes. Some are nationally famous (Edmund [...]

By Land and Sea: A Trio of Glass Bottom Shipwreck Tours2023-06-13T06:38:01-04:00
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