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2 06, 2023

How Camping Builds Deeper Bonds with Your Kids


If recent past events taught us anything, it’s that the people in our lives are our greatest treasure. Spending time with those we love and experiencing the world with them is what life is all about. More and more families are hitting the road with kids in tow, and camping is the ideal activity for [...]

How Camping Builds Deeper Bonds with Your Kids2023-06-02T09:35:55-04:00
1 06, 2023

Get Ready for National Go RVing Day!


Initially founded by Go RVing, National Go RVing Day calls on the RV industry and consumers alike to celebrate the joys of RVing by heading out to their favorite outdoor destination for a weekend of RVing. Taking place during National Camping Month and Great Outdoors Month, National Go RVing Day is a great opportunity to [...]

Get Ready for National Go RVing Day!2023-05-31T19:51:47-04:00
10 05, 2023

Camping Activities for Adults


The number of RVers who are in their 30s and 40s has grown significantly over the past few years, particularly since the onset of the pandemic. In fact, “half of RVers are under 45 and highly likely to be traveling with kids.” Combined with the growth in the number of RVers under the age of [...]

Camping Activities for Adults2023-05-10T11:04:54-04:00
9 05, 2023

Southeast Regional Driving Tour: The Forgotten Lakes


Mileage: 108 miles Driving Time: 3 hours, 16 minutes (plus a ferry ride) There are five “Great Lakes,” with four of them embracing Michigan shoreline. Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, and Lake Huron encompass most of the lakeshore real estate and are the most well-known by residents and travelers. But down in the southeast “corner” of [...]

Southeast Regional Driving Tour: The Forgotten Lakes2023-04-05T10:30:33-04:00
3 05, 2023

Visit the Upper Peninsula’s 7 Natural Wonders


Driving Time: 11 hours, plus two ferry rides Mileage: 622 miles According to Uptravel.com, “Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is greater in size than the four states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Delaware, and Rhode Island combined. It is larger than Belgium or Switzerland.” Abundant in beauty and natural resources, we are fortunate to call this part of the [...]

Visit the Upper Peninsula’s 7 Natural Wonders2023-05-03T07:58:51-04:00
30 04, 2023

Considerations for Buying an RV Out of State


When it comes to RVing, we don’t just travel to other states to vacation. Sometimes, the RV we’ve been searching for is for sale in a state other than our home state. The internet has opened up the possibilities as to where to find an RV that meets our wish list. However, there are several [...]

Considerations for Buying an RV Out of State2023-05-24T08:52:26-04:00
20 04, 2023

“When the kids are old enough…”


Let’s say camping has always been on the radar, but you’ve been waiting for the kids to reach a certain age or milestone. Perhaps you’ve been dreaming of when they will be old enough to participate in one of your favorite pastimes, to be able to conduct themselves well on their own while away from [...]

“When the kids are old enough…”2023-03-20T20:55:16-04:00
9 04, 2023

Getting Started with RVing: How to Select Gear and Equipment


If you’re like millions of others who have gotten the travel bug and have decided to become an RV camper sometime over the past three years, then you might have had or have some questions related to RV ownership – especially the question: What should I buy to put into the RV now that I [...]

Getting Started with RVing: How to Select Gear and Equipment2023-03-27T07:24:48-04:00
3 04, 2023

Leave No Trace


The National Park Service and the Michigan DNR have always promoted and encouraged “Leave No Trace” when people visit outdoor recreation areas under their purview. However, Leave No Trace can be observed in any outdoor space – whether it’s a lakeshore, the backcountry, your local park, or a campground – anywhere in the country. When [...]

Leave No Trace2023-04-05T09:30:58-04:00
20 03, 2023

Considerations for Choosing Small Towable RVs


Smaller towable RVs are a popular choice among campers, for many reasons that we’ll discuss in more detail in this article. This type of RV is growing in appeal, and it’s easy to see why. Advantages Kinder price tag. There are cost benefits right up front as you look to purchase an RV. Smaller RVs [...]

Considerations for Choosing Small Towable RVs2023-03-20T21:01:10-04:00
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