13 12, 2022

Enjoy Winter in Southeast Michigan


How can you pass the chilly days of winter? You have lots of options! Of course, staying huddled under a blanket with a steaming beverage and a good book has its perks, too. But if you’re getting stir crazy this winter or just want to have some fun visiting places that are typically packed in [...]

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20 08, 2022

Close Out Summer in Michigan’s Southeast Region


Before every season we dream about where we’ll go, what we’ll see, and what we’ll do. Then the season begins, and we turn our attention to fulfilling our dreams with the plans we’ve made – and sometimes fulfilling dreams spontaneously. As the high camping season starts to come to a close, our minds shift again [...]

Close Out Summer in Michigan’s Southeast Region2022-06-17T14:14:48-04:00
4 09, 2020

Driving Tour: Southeast Michigan Color Tour


The Upper Peninsula and northern Lower Michigan get most of the credit when it comes to fall foliage and taking scenic drives. The metropolitan areas don’t get a lot of recognition, yet the city architects took Michigan’s natural beauty into consideration – and you’ll really appreciate it when fall rolls around. From mid- to late [...]

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29 07, 2020

Flora and Fauna: Regional Hot Spots


Upper Peninsula Want something off the beaten path? The southern Garden Peninsula, as it’s so known, is a land mass that juts out into Lake Michigan to form Big and Little Bays de Noc. In August and September, the cedar trees around Peninsula Point Lighthouse Park between the bays is a popular stopover for thousands [...]

Flora and Fauna: Regional Hot Spots2020-07-29T12:48:25-04:00
15 07, 2020

Fishing Spots for Anglers


Trolling along on a big lake, casting a line off a dock or pier, spending an afternoon knee-deep in a stream with a rod in hand… fishing tends to conjure up memories of quiet days and exhilarating catches for recreational anglers – and dreams of such for neophytes. There are fishing guides who can recommend [...]

Fishing Spots for Anglers2020-07-15T10:39:15-04:00
12 06, 2020

Camper Perspective: Regional Activities for Outdoor Enthusiasts


Being outside and enjoying the beauty of the state’s diverse landscape and waterways is the best part of camping in Michigan. Whether it’s by walking, riding, or paddling, there’s something that will pique the interest of every nature lover and outdoor enthusiast.   Northwest Whether you tube, kayak, canoe, or paddleboard, the Platte River in [...]

Camper Perspective: Regional Activities for Outdoor Enthusiasts2020-06-12T07:10:52-04:00
2 06, 2020

Camper Perspective: Region by Region Activities for Dog Owners


Looking for something to do with your best friend? And by "friend," we mean your dog. There are lots of places in Michigan that welcome you both, giving you a chance to get some exercise or enjoy a bite together - maybe a beer or glass of wine for you and a doggy dish for [...]

Camper Perspective: Region by Region Activities for Dog Owners2020-06-03T09:02:09-04:00
29 04, 2020

Escape to these 12 Michigan Walking Trails


“To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles.”—Mary Davis This poignant description seems to strike the core of those of us who love being outside. Now with the coronavirus, when so much of our professional and social lives have been put on hold, the outdoors has turned into a refuge for many. Before, Mother Nature [...]

Escape to these 12 Michigan Walking Trails2020-04-30T09:56:19-04:00
3 12, 2019

Give the Gift of Experiences this Christmas


When the holiday season is in full swing, our inboxes, ears, and eyes can be overwhelmed with the sights and sounds of commercialism. Buy this! Half off! Buy more, more, more! There is a growing trend, especially among Millennials, of skipping the pricey gifts and focusing on gifting experiences instead – something that can be [...]

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14 10, 2019

Driving Tour: Ghostly Destinations in Historic Southeast Michigan


The east portion of southern Michigan is home to some of the state’s most historic cities. Detroit, for instance, was founded in 1701 as a fort and settlement. Today it’s an industrial urban center, with 300 years of history under its belt, some of which still haunt visitors today. Ann Arbor, home to the University [...]

Driving Tour: Ghostly Destinations in Historic Southeast Michigan2019-10-14T08:34:32-04:00
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