11 05, 2022

New to RVing? Follow These Travel Tips for a Successful Season


If you’re one of the millions of new households who has embraced RV ownership, travel, and camping, then you’re in good company. Although an RV, whether it’s motorized or towed, can help you simplify your travel and your life overall, there is much to learn about it: driving, towing, packing, setting up camp. It’s a [...]

New to RVing? Follow These Travel Tips for a Successful Season2022-05-11T13:37:03-04:00
9 05, 2022

Four Delicious Lemonade Recipes


There are few things synonymous with summer than lemonade. Check out these four recipes, a couple for kids, a couple for adults, that you can make at the campsite this season.   Strawberry Lemonade Slushie – Courtesy of Bless This Mess This particular lemonade recipe requires some special equipment that you may not already have [...]

Four Delicious Lemonade Recipes2022-05-09T08:20:01-04:00
3 05, 2022

Explore History and Nature Through Michigan Heritage Trails


According to the Michigan History Center, “Heritage trails connect people with the natural and cultural heritage of the landscape they are passing through…. For communities, heritage trail development can ignite pride, inspire learning, and promote preservation.” That’s exactly what they do, not to mention all the benefits trail-goers experience: connection to history, get some exercise, [...]

Explore History and Nature Through Michigan Heritage Trails2022-05-03T13:06:43-04:00
18 04, 2022

How to Go Fishing in Michigan


According to the 2021 North American Camper Report, when asked about what they like to do while camping, 52% of campers responded that they like to go fishing – the most popular recreational activity. Hiking/backpacking came in second, followed by biking and canoeing/kayaking. And with the number of households in the United States who go [...]

How to Go Fishing in Michigan2022-04-18T20:46:56-04:00
14 04, 2022

Driving Tour: West Michigan Pike Part 1


Part 1: Southwest Lower Michigan Mileage: 122 miles Time to travel: 2 hours, 29 minutes West Michigan has been a favorite summer destination, especially for Chicagoans, for more than 100 years. Beachside living was ideal compared to the hot, smelly city streets. They would head north, stopping all along the coast, basking in the freshwater [...]

Driving Tour: West Michigan Pike Part 12022-04-14T13:05:07-04:00
1 04, 2022

Wildlife Viewing Hot Spots in Michigan


When spring comes along, the forest awakens with the sights and sounds of the season. Included in those sights are various wild creatures, making outdoor activities that much more intriguing. For some campers, wildlife is exactly what they are hoping to see – and why they are there in the first place. There are a [...]

Wildlife Viewing Hot Spots in Michigan2022-03-24T14:25:51-04:00
22 03, 2022

Michigan Destinations for Roadschooling Families


Roadschooling, nomadic education in other words, has blossomed the past several years as remote work better enables working parents to travel more accessibly. An RV helps to make that possible, as everything you need is at the ready when you need it. The beauty of roadschooling is that students get to experience history, art, culture, [...]

Michigan Destinations for Roadschooling Families2022-03-22T13:13:38-04:00
15 03, 2022

RV Interior and Exterior Spring-Cleaning Tips


It’s finally time! Time to roll that RV out of storage and let it bask in the sunshine, to open the doors and windows and let the fresh air in after a few stuffy, chilly months. It’s time to get the RV ready for the upcoming season. Maybe you have an early camping trip in [...]

RV Interior and Exterior Spring-Cleaning Tips2022-03-15T08:14:49-04:00
11 03, 2022

Maris Brennan Joins as Membership Director of MMHRVCA and SSAM


Maris Brennan will join the Michigan Manufactured Housing, RV, and Campground Association (MMHRVCA) and the Self-Storage Association of Michigan (SSAM) as Membership Director on Monday, March 14th. Maris brings a wealth of knowledge and experience gains through years of events, sales, and marketing positions with the Greater Lansing Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Michigan Society [...]

Maris Brennan Joins as Membership Director of MMHRVCA and SSAM2022-03-11T14:04:41-05:00
11 03, 2022

RV and Camping Safety Tips


When it comes to spending time outdoors, camping, and traveling in an RV, safety is of the utmost importance. Taking necessary precautions ahead of time can be a distress-saver for you and a money-saver for your RV and other camping gear you have along. This article offers some global safety tips, along with links to [...]

RV and Camping Safety Tips2022-03-11T07:48:41-05:00
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