7 12, 2021

Campsite Apple Pastry Recipes


The term “pastry” brings to mind quaint little shops filled with unbelievable smells and a case full of a delectable assortment of goodies. A little indulgence now and then is good for the soul as well as the taste buds. These recipes are doable at the campsite, throughout the seasons. Pie on a Stick – [...]

Campsite Apple Pastry Recipes2021-12-07T13:20:33-05:00
7 12, 2021

RV Smart Tech


Over the past several years, smart technology for our homes has taken center stage. Home appliances as everyday as refrigerators and washers come equipped with wireless technology. Home thermostats can be adjusted through an app on your phone. Home security systems can be turned on or off from anywhere in the world. You don’t need [...]

RV Smart Tech2021-12-07T08:47:28-05:00
2 12, 2021

An RVer’s Winter Travel Bucket List


Before the start of every summer, we have already created a bucket list or wish list of what we want to see and do over the course of the next three months. We can enthusiastically make a bucket list for winter, too. In fact, think of it as a challenge. And it will be a [...]

An RVer’s Winter Travel Bucket List2021-12-02T12:09:42-05:00
22 11, 2021

MARVAC Congratulates KOA Members for 2021 Awards


OKEMOS, MI—November 2021—Kampgrounds of America, Inc. (KOA) announced winners of their annual campground awards during their Baton Rouge, Louisiana, convention this past week. The winners are based on surveys from campers following their stay as well as an annual on-site quality inspection of the campgrounds. The awards include the KOA President’s Award, which is presented [...]

MARVAC Congratulates KOA Members for 2021 Awards2021-11-23T10:16:55-05:00
16 11, 2021

Stress-Free Traveling and Camping for Pets


Traveling and camping by RV is about exploring, relaxing, and finding balance. Having a companion along can enhance all of those qualities – including four-legged ones. It may seem “difficult” to incorporate your pet into your camping and travel plans, but it doesn’t have to be… and you can have a lot of fun with [...]

Stress-Free Traveling and Camping for Pets2021-11-16T08:23:24-05:00
9 11, 2021

What you need to know about RV delamination


When it comes to the interior of an RV, it’s all about comfort and convenience. We’ve discussed ways to renovate the interior of your RV, whether it’s interior decorating or making upgrades to existing fixtures, gadgets, and furnishings. We’ve talked about ways to keep the RV clean on the inside so that the environment stays [...]

What you need to know about RV delamination2021-11-10T09:21:52-05:00
5 11, 2021

Driving Tour: Beacons of Lake Huron


With so much shoreline, it’s no surprise that Michigan has a fair number of lighthouses. On the Sunrise Side you’ll find Lake Huron and Lake Erie, each with several large bays and inlets. These areas were populated in the past by lumbermen and fishermen, who utilized the fresh water for its resources and transportation capabilities. [...]

Driving Tour: Beacons of Lake Huron2021-11-05T09:24:33-04:00
2 11, 2021

Life Lessons Kids Learn While Camping


Camping presents plenty of opportunities for adults to impart wisdom to the younger generation. Whether that wisdom is a how to do something, how to appreciate something, or how to take care of oneself, kids and young adults can benefit from the experience of camping and learn from “the experienced.” It all goes full circle; [...]

Life Lessons Kids Learn While Camping2021-11-02T08:12:32-04:00
29 10, 2021

Women RVers: Tips for Traveling and Camping


It’s not uncommon to hear of men embarking into the wilderness alone. It’s not infrequent for a family to take an RV vacation. As the RV lifestyle is for everyone, many women share the dream of hitting the road, having more freedom, seeing the sights, and living more simple lives – either on their own [...]

Women RVers: Tips for Traveling and Camping2021-10-29T13:55:40-04:00
25 10, 2021

Spooky and Fun Fall Recipes


BELL PEPPER JACK O’LANTERNS WITH VEGETABLE DIP – Courtesy of KOA Bring the fun and look of jack -o-lanterns into the kitchen as this tasty and healthy snack using bell peppers. Whip up your own vegetable dip or buy a premade one from the store. Ingredients 1 large orange bell pepper (make sure it’s flat-bottomed) [...]

Spooky and Fun Fall Recipes2021-10-25T07:02:40-04:00
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