19 12, 2022

Winter Survival Tips… for Campers and RVs


When winter wind blows in, a lot of things change with it. Out come the thicker fabrics, menus consist of hot and hearty stews, and our summer memories keep us warm as we await the return of spring. Yet wintertime in Michigan is a favorite season for many. In addition to the changes in clothing [...]

Winter Survival Tips… for Campers and RVs2022-12-19T12:46:16-05:00
11 11, 2022

Organize Your RV Office


The RV, once only dedicated to vacationing and traveling to get away from the constant pulls of regular life, has transformed into an office space in recent years, thanks to advancements in technology as well as changes in the workplace. Working remotely is more possible – and acceptable – than ever. Campgrounds have stepped up [...]

Organize Your RV Office2022-11-11T14:00:21-05:00
10 10, 2022

Our Fall To-Do List


Fall in Michigan is a glorious visual display, and many would argue it’s the best season of all because of the fiery scenery, cooler temperatures, and less crowded campgrounds. What are some of the best things to do during autumn in the Mitten State? We offer some advice to help you get started. Go salmon [...]

Our Fall To-Do List2022-10-10T10:48:07-04:00
9 07, 2022

Have Fun and Stay Safe with Your Dog


A significant factor for many dog owners is answering the question, “What am I going to do with my dog while I’m away?” Choosing to travel and vacation via an RV has been the solution for many. According to surveys, 68-80% of RVers travel with pets, with dogs being the most popular choice. The pandemic [...]

Have Fun and Stay Safe with Your Dog2022-06-15T05:19:28-04:00
11 05, 2022

New to RVing? Follow These Travel Tips for a Successful Season


If you’re one of the millions of new households who has embraced RV ownership, travel, and camping, then you’re in good company. Although an RV, whether it’s motorized or towed, can help you simplify your travel and your life overall, there is much to learn about it: driving, towing, packing, setting up camp. It’s a [...]

New to RVing? Follow These Travel Tips for a Successful Season2022-05-25T06:48:41-04:00
18 04, 2022

How to Go Fishing in Michigan


According to the 2021 North American Camper Report, when asked about what they like to do while camping, 52% of campers responded that they like to go fishing – the most popular recreational activity. Hiking/backpacking came in second, followed by biking and canoeing/kayaking. And with the number of households in the United States who go [...]

How to Go Fishing in Michigan2022-04-18T20:46:56-04:00
4 03, 2022

Campground Etiquette – Tips from the Pros


Campers, by and large, are a considerate lot. They’re planners, organizers, and have a healthy respect for the environment and the wellness of others. There are countless stories of RVers within the community helping their fellow RVer when needed, or out of simple kindness. However, there are some things that owners who host RVs at [...]

Campground Etiquette – Tips from the Pros2022-03-04T11:14:57-05:00
9 02, 2022

How to Get Along… in a Small Space


One of the best parts about traveling and camping in an RV is the space. It’s compact, functional, and reduces how many belongings you have. One of the worst parts about traveling and camping in an RV can be… the space. Functionality and reducing your material belongings are advantages, but the compact footprint of an [...]

How to Get Along… in a Small Space2022-02-09T09:12:23-05:00
16 11, 2021

Stress-Free Traveling and Camping for Pets


Traveling and camping by RV is about exploring, relaxing, and finding balance. Having a companion along can enhance all of those qualities – including four-legged ones. It may seem “difficult” to incorporate your pet into your camping and travel plans, but it doesn’t have to be… and you can have a lot of fun with [...]

Stress-Free Traveling and Camping for Pets2021-11-16T08:23:24-05:00
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