9 05, 2024

Strategies for Weekend Warriors: Have a Great Time Camping on a Short Schedule


With school and work schedules, not to mention all the other activities going on during the week regardless of the season, it’s no wonder many folks decide that the sacred days of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are the best (and sometimes only) days to pack up the RV and go camping for the weekend. With [...]

Strategies for Weekend Warriors: Have a Great Time Camping on a Short Schedule2024-05-10T08:02:34-04:00
5 05, 2024

Packing Essentials for Your Next RV Trip


Okay, camping season is coming up again. Whether this is your first season RVing or your twentieth, it’s a good idea to think carefully about what you’re packing. We won’t get into how to pack these items; everybody has their own system anyway.   For RV maintenance… You have stuff at home to help you [...]

Packing Essentials for Your Next RV Trip2024-04-23T21:04:30-04:00
1 05, 2024

Northwest Walking Tour: Petoskey, Michigan


Distance: Less than a mile Time: Completely up to you If you enjoy history and historical beauty, look no further than Petoskey. Many of the buildings, both business and residential, were constructed from the 1870s to 1930s – and the ornate iron street posts simply add to the charm and sophistication. Streets are, as to [...]

Northwest Walking Tour: Petoskey, Michigan2024-04-23T20:53:09-04:00
25 03, 2024

Favorite Michigan Destinations


As with visiting any state in the U.S., there are a lot of places worth visiting. It’s impossible to fit it all in. Michigan is unique in that it has two independent land masses, connected by a bridge, and it takes nearly 12 hours to drive between its southernmost and northernmost points. To say that [...]

Favorite Michigan Destinations2024-04-16T07:49:29-04:00
5 03, 2024

Biking the Kal-Haven Trail


Southwest Michigan has a lot going for it: beaches, blueberries, wineries, antique shopping, gorgeous views. It’s easy to be entertained and amused yet impossible to see everything. If you like being outside, however, don’t pass up the Kal-Haven Trail. You can hike, bike, and even cross-country ski. This beautiful, linear trail that opened back in [...]

Biking the Kal-Haven Trail2024-03-05T12:26:36-05:00
5 03, 2024

Upper Peninsula Walking Tour: Marquette


Distance: 5.2 miles Walking time: 1 hour, 54 minutes Driving time: 16 minutes Marquette, also known as Queen City, is the largest city in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, but only the fifty-fourth most populous city in the state of Michigan. Don’t let its larger size fool you, however. Marquette has the distinction of being the “Best [...]

Upper Peninsula Walking Tour: Marquette2024-03-20T10:30:05-04:00
5 02, 2024

Michigan Destination Recommendations from the MARVAC Staff


Are you looking for ideas of what to do and where to go this year? Staff members at the MARVAC home office enjoy traveling through Michigan and visiting its many destinations just as much as anyone. And, they have the inside scoop. Here are six recommendations from the MARVAC staff, one for each region of [...]

Michigan Destination Recommendations from the MARVAC Staff2024-02-05T21:08:51-05:00
4 01, 2024

Showcasing the DNR: The power of $2 – campers and boaters help bring innovations to life


Photo: Hammock camping has been available at Port Crescent State Park in Huron County for the past few years. Courtesy of Michigan Department of Natural Resources.   By HEATHER JOHNSON DUROCHER Trails and resources writer and editor Michigan Department of Natural Resources   Initially, Brian Dunn wasn’t so sure about designating a couple of sites [...]

Showcasing the DNR: The power of $2 – campers and boaters help bring innovations to life2024-01-04T12:09:15-05:00
2 01, 2024

Get Your RV Ready This Spring  


Sunny days. Chirping birds. Melting snow. Warmer breezes. There are a lot of reasons to celebrate the coming of spring. Apart from the changes in the weather and wildlife, spring means it’s time to wake the RV out of its winter hibernation and spruce it up in preparation for the upcoming season. Follow these steps [...]

Get Your RV Ready This Spring  2024-03-20T10:30:54-04:00
16 12, 2023

Q&A: Using an RV for Business Purposes


Perhaps you work remotely and enjoy traveling while simultaneously bringing home a consistent paycheck. Perhaps you don’t have any personal space in your home and need a separate location at which to conduct your work. An RV can be an attractive solution for both types, whether you’re an employee or an entrepreneur. This article will [...]

Q&A: Using an RV for Business Purposes2023-12-21T06:53:51-05:00
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