18 09, 2021

Fall Cocktail Recipes to Sip on at the Campsite


Fall is harvest time and full of sights and smells that we didn’t know we missed so much until the calendar and weather turn again. In addition to delicious fall meals, including ones that are easy to prepare, we shift the cocktail menu to more robust and flavorful libations. These fall cocktail recipes celebrate the [...]

Fall Cocktail Recipes to Sip on at the Campsite2021-09-15T04:17:29-04:00
14 09, 2021

Camping Safety for Babies & Toddlers


Babies and toddlers can bring a lot of joy and fun to a camping trip. As with every stage in a child’s development, the child will require different things or have different needs – and different hazards. Follow these safety tips and be prepared so that everyone has a good time. Getting there. In a [...]

Camping Safety for Babies & Toddlers2021-09-14T13:52:30-04:00
10 09, 2021

Michigan Manufactured Housing RV & Campground Association – A Long History


September 19, 1941 gave birth to The Michigan Trailer Coach Dealer Association, Inc. It was the first state or regional association on record with continuous activity. F.W. McKenny was the first director and was instrumental in the passage of the Michigan Trailer Coach Park Act in 1939. This is believed to be the first state [...]

Michigan Manufactured Housing RV & Campground Association – A Long History2021-09-10T10:06:32-04:00
3 09, 2021

Hit the Links this Fall


Michigan is well-known for its beaches, vistas, and forest. You can find all of this within the bounds of the state’s golf courses. Each one is unique in its intensity, appearance, and style – but the objective of the game remains the same: Have a good time and don’t lose a ball. With our handy [...]

Hit the Links this Fall2021-09-03T07:22:57-04:00
2 09, 2021

Northwest Driving Tour: Explore Benzie County


Northwest Lower Michigan is well-known for its shoreline, orchards, peninsulas, and wineries. For these reasons and more, this area of the state has been known to be an escape. Although the region has grown significantly over the decades, you can still find quaintness and solitude and beauty. Benzie County, which is situated below Leelanau and [...]

Northwest Driving Tour: Explore Benzie County2021-08-25T13:00:59-04:00
23 08, 2021

Beach Tips for You and Your RV


Michigan has the longest freshwater coastline in the world, with more than 3,000 miles of shoreline and 1,000 miles of island shoreline. If you love the look, feel, and smell of fresh water, then you’ll feel right at home. You’re never farther than 85 miles from a Great Lake and never more than six miles [...]

Beach Tips for You and Your RV2021-08-23T06:55:04-04:00
22 08, 2021

Camping with Dogs: The Ultimate Guide


Dogs are often more than just dogs, they’re family. And when folks go camping, many canines go along for the adventure. We answer the most popular questions campers have when it comes to camping with dogs. What are the benefits of bringing the dog? Just like with people, spending quality time with your dog can [...]

Camping with Dogs: The Ultimate Guide2021-08-17T12:56:10-04:00
17 08, 2021

Organize Your RV Like a Pro


You know you have too much in the RV. You’re shifting things around too much, running into items you know you don’t need, or can’t find the items you need when you need them. It takes time to get everything organized, discipline to keep it organized, and perhaps a little creativity to develop storage solutions [...]

Organize Your RV Like a Pro2021-08-17T13:24:18-04:00
12 08, 2021

Campsite Cooking: Meals for Crowds


If we’re fortunate to have an RV with a wide footprint, we can entertain visitors and friends within its walls. But for most RVers and campers, cooking and entertaining will happen in the greatest venue: the outdoors. The following recipes, one for each main meal of the day, are perfect for large gatherings. And they [...]

Campsite Cooking: Meals for Crowds2021-08-12T07:11:32-04:00
3 08, 2021

Upper Peninsula Driving Tour: M-28 from Marquette to Munising


When you’re in the Upper Peninsula you have your choice of roadways and highways, hikes, and beaches. This easy 53-mile drive that primarily follows a stretch of M-28 between historic Marquette to waterfall capital Munising is a favorite for locals and tourists who want to take in the Lake Superior coastline. If you’ve got time, [...]

Upper Peninsula Driving Tour: M-28 from Marquette to Munising2021-08-03T14:10:08-04:00
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