27 06, 2022

Boating on the Great Lakes and Inland Lakes


Michigan is most known for its being surrounded by some of the largest freshwater bodies in the world. That water beckons us to come play – and there is no shortage of options when it comes to playtime on the water. You can go swimming or take up a fishing pole. You could go on [...]

Boating on the Great Lakes and Inland Lakes2022-06-23T07:44:02-04:00
21 06, 2022

How to Handle RV Maintenance


As with most things in life, it’s never “one and done.” You don’t just buy a house and spend the next 20 years ignoring the lawn or not changing burned out lightbulbs or leaving a toilet that's overflowed to fester. You don’t simply buy a vehicle or tractor and never change the oil or add [...]

How to Handle RV Maintenance2022-06-21T14:08:40-04:00
6 06, 2022

A Trio of Once-in-a-Lifetime Trips to Take in Michigan


We all have those trips on our “bucket list” that we want to take before a certain point in life – before we’re too old, before the kids are grown. Whatever the reason you’re feeling drawn to these areas and want to embark on a trip to see them, these “once-in-a-lifetime” trips are what we’ll [...]

A Trio of Once-in-a-Lifetime Trips to Take in Michigan2022-06-16T12:46:13-04:00
1 06, 2022

Discover Those Dinosaurs


To have a roaring good time on a day (#nationaldinosaurday) that celebrates the wonder and mystery of dinosaurs, you have your choice of attractions to visit in Michigan. We’ll help you discover where to go. Dinosaur Gardens, Ossineke If you love dinosaurs and getting a better idea of their true size in the flesh, then [...]

Discover Those Dinosaurs2022-06-01T13:19:01-04:00
25 05, 2022

Understanding Your RV: Weight


Weight has a lot to do with RV safety, not to mention the structure’s longevity. It’s not just the weight of the RV itself. It’s how much stuff you bring, how much liquid you have, how many passengers are coming along, and how that all impacts your tow vehicle (if you are towing) and driving [...]

Understanding Your RV: Weight2022-05-25T10:33:45-04:00
11 05, 2022

New to RVing? Follow These Travel Tips for a Successful Season


If you’re one of the millions of new households who has embraced RV ownership, travel, and camping, then you’re in good company. Although an RV, whether it’s motorized or towed, can help you simplify your travel and your life overall, there is much to learn about it: driving, towing, packing, setting up camp. It’s a [...]

New to RVing? Follow These Travel Tips for a Successful Season2022-05-25T06:48:41-04:00
9 05, 2022

Four Delicious Lemonade Recipes


There are few things synonymous with summer than lemonade. Check out these four recipes, a couple for kids, a couple for adults, that you can make at the campsite this season.   Strawberry Lemonade Slushie – Courtesy of Bless This Mess This particular lemonade recipe requires some special equipment that you may not already have [...]

Four Delicious Lemonade Recipes2022-05-09T08:20:01-04:00
3 05, 2022

Explore History and Nature Through Michigan Heritage Trails


According to the Michigan History Center, “Heritage trails connect people with the natural and cultural heritage of the landscape they are passing through…. For communities, heritage trail development can ignite pride, inspire learning, and promote preservation.” That’s exactly what they do, not to mention all the benefits trail-goers experience: connection to history, get some exercise, [...]

Explore History and Nature Through Michigan Heritage Trails2022-05-03T13:06:43-04:00
26 04, 2022

Q&A: Class C Motorhomes


When it comes to motorhomes, a favorite for many is a Class C motorhome. They are smaller than large Class A motorhomes, contain a driving compartment, and seem to welcome spontaneous camping trips because of their ease of use and overall ease of mobility. Let’s discuss Class C motorhomes more at length.   How is [...]

Q&A: Class C Motorhomes2022-04-26T13:51:13-04:00
18 04, 2022

How to Go Fishing in Michigan


According to the 2021 North American Camper Report, when asked about what they like to do while camping, 52% of campers responded that they like to go fishing – the most popular recreational activity. Hiking/backpacking came in second, followed by biking and canoeing/kayaking. And with the number of households in the United States who go [...]

How to Go Fishing in Michigan2022-04-18T20:46:56-04:00
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