1 07, 2022

Taking Delivery of an RV: What to Expect


You’ve decided to purchase an RV! An RV is a significant investment, a purchase to be considered carefully. Once you have decided on a unit, you are no-doubt excited about receiving your new unit. Of course, the expectation is that the RV will be ready to go – in appearance as well as in function. [...]

Taking Delivery of an RV: What to Expect2022-07-05T07:00:33-04:00
21 06, 2022

How to Handle RV Maintenance


As with most things in life, it’s never “one and done.” You don’t just buy a house and spend the next 20 years ignoring the lawn or not changing burned out lightbulbs or leaving a toilet that's overflowed to fester. You don’t simply buy a vehicle or tractor and never change the oil or add [...]

How to Handle RV Maintenance2022-06-21T14:08:40-04:00
25 05, 2022

Understanding Your RV: Weight


Weight has a lot to do with RV safety, not to mention the structure’s longevity. It’s not just the weight of the RV itself. It’s how much stuff you bring, how much liquid you have, how many passengers are coming along, and how that all impacts your tow vehicle (if you are towing) and driving [...]

Understanding Your RV: Weight2022-05-25T10:33:45-04:00
11 05, 2022

New to RVing? Follow These Travel Tips for a Successful Season


If you’re one of the millions of new households who has embraced RV ownership, travel, and camping, then you’re in good company. Although an RV, whether it’s motorized or towed, can help you simplify your travel and your life overall, there is much to learn about it: driving, towing, packing, setting up camp. It’s a [...]

New to RVing? Follow These Travel Tips for a Successful Season2022-05-25T06:48:41-04:00
17 08, 2021

Organize Your RV Like a Pro


You know you have too much in the RV. You’re shifting things around too much, running into items you know you don’t need, or can’t find the items you need when you need them. It takes time to get everything organized, discipline to keep it organized, and perhaps a little creativity to develop storage solutions [...]

Organize Your RV Like a Pro2022-05-25T06:50:08-04:00
10 06, 2021

Q&A: Water Damage and Your RV


Water is essential for life, but unless it’s in a sink, toilet, or container, we’d prefer it stay out of the RV. Unfortunately, water damage is a common issue for RV owners. Thankfully, if you stay aware, you can find and fix water damage quickly before it becomes a major issue.   Q: Where does [...]

Q&A: Water Damage and Your RV2022-05-25T06:50:56-04:00
4 05, 2021

Handling Your RV in High Winds


RVing in the movies seems to be either a fairytale or a nightmare. Everything is rosy one minute and bleak the next. When it comes to weather conditions in Michigan, this can be an accurate depiction and frequent occurrence. High winds, especially those coming off the big lakes, can have a big impact on your [...]

Handling Your RV in High Winds2022-05-25T06:51:14-04:00
2 12, 2020

You own an RV, now what? Tips for new owners


You’ve done the research. You’ve honed in on what you want. You stepped into several models on your quest. Now, you’ve found it. The recreation vehicle of your dreams. If you’ve made it to the point of purchase, then you already probably have a pretty good idea of how you’d like to spend your time [...]

You own an RV, now what? Tips for new owners2022-05-25T06:51:56-04:00
19 10, 2020

RV Troubleshooting – When the Unexpected Happens


“Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised.” – Denis Waitley It’s important to have a positive outlook and to welcome surprises when they come. However, if we’ve learned anything this year, nothing is for certain and we need to be prepared for anything. RVers are folks who are used to [...]

RV Troubleshooting – When the Unexpected Happens2022-05-25T06:59:58-04:00
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