29 10, 2021

Women RVers: Tips for Traveling and Camping


It’s not uncommon to hear of men embarking into the wilderness alone. It’s not infrequent for a family to take an RV vacation. As the RV lifestyle is for everyone, many women share the dream of hitting the road, having more freedom, seeing the sights, and living more simple lives – either on their own [...]

Women RVers: Tips for Traveling and Camping2021-10-29T13:55:40-04:00
18 10, 2021

Tips for Towing a Toad


While large motorhomes are appealing for their amenities, luxury, and interior space, they are large to navigate and park. They make for a great home base, but you will probably need another set of wheels for exploring the sights away from the campsite. Seasoned RVers can offer a lot of advice when it comes to [...]

Tips for Towing a Toad2021-10-18T08:54:45-04:00
29 07, 2021

Fire Safety: At the Campsite and in the RV


The thought of a fire taking over your RV or the land around you is downright terrifying. Summertime can be especially hazardous when there is less than normal rainfall, as we’ve experienced much of this summer. We all want to enjoy ourselves, but we need to do so responsibility. There is a lot you can [...]

Fire Safety: At the Campsite and in the RV2021-07-29T07:20:25-04:00
4 05, 2021

Handling Your RV in High Winds


RVing in the movies seems to be either a fairytale or a nightmare. Everything is rosy one minute and bleak the next. When it comes to weather conditions in Michigan, this can be an accurate depiction and frequent occurrence. High winds, especially those coming off the big lakes, can have a big impact on your [...]

Handling Your RV in High Winds2021-04-28T06:49:08-04:00
18 02, 2021

What You Need to Know about Camping in a Storm


There’s been a recent surge in winter weather  affected multiple states and millions of Americans. The snow and ice pummeling through the country is downright debilitating in some areas, such as Texas, where sub-zero temperatures are far from normal. This is the kind of cold Michigan is used to, but then again, our infrastructure is [...]

What You Need to Know about Camping in a Storm2021-02-27T08:08:49-05:00
8 02, 2021

Handling Vet Emergencies on the Road


A lot of campers travel with pets, perhaps even up to 75 percent of them according to some polls. The most common pet is a dog, which isn’t surprising as dogs make great travel and trail companions – plus provide warmth on a cool night. Campers want to ensure that their pets are healthy before, [...]

Handling Vet Emergencies on the Road2021-02-08T10:51:14-05:00
4 01, 2021

Camping with Kids – Preparing Your Packing Checklist (and your Expectations)


When it comes to the prospect of camping with kids, whether they are toddlers or teenagers, you may envision the whole trip being chaotic or frustrating. You may envision the vacation with those you love most as being straight out of a child’s picture book, filled with rosy, memorable moments that will last forever. Most [...]

Camping with Kids – Preparing Your Packing Checklist (and your Expectations)2021-01-05T13:30:44-05:00
19 10, 2020

RV Troubleshooting – When the Unexpected Happens


“Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised.” – Denis Waitley It’s important to have a positive outlook and to welcome surprises when they come. However, if we’ve learned anything this year, nothing is for certain and we need to be prepared for anything. RVers are folks who are used to [...]

RV Troubleshooting – When the Unexpected Happens2020-10-19T07:14:09-04:00
11 11, 2019

Cold-Weather Camping Tips for First-Time RVers


If this is your first season RVing in the fall or winter, whether you’re full timing or just want a different camping experience, it pays to be prepared. Save the surprises for the summertime; when the weather turns cold, you want to be sure of what you and your RV can handle. Here’s how you [...]

Cold-Weather Camping Tips for First-Time RVers2019-11-11T07:15:13-05:00
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