MMH & RVCA Government Relations affairs does not end with its influence in the legislature. The Association recognizes the importance of understanding and dealing with the myriad of agencies and departments that create and implement our laws. For that reason, the Association functions as a liaison between you (as a business) and the bureaucracy which regulates our industries.

MMH & RVCA provides input to the State Department of Consumer and Industry Services, the Manufactured Housing Division, the Department of Community Health, the Public Service Commission, the Secretary of State and numerous other state agencies. Through our various committees, we are continually representing the interests of our industries.

MMH & RVCA represents your interests at the regional and national levels as members of the Midwest Manufactured Housing Federation, Manufactured Housing Institute and the National Manufactured Housing Federation; as well as belonging to the Recreation Vehicle Dealer Association, Recreation Vehicle Industry Association, Recreation Industry Council and Recreation Vehicle State Executive Council. Working in cooperation with our sister associations, MMH & RVCA represents your interests by contributing its input to federal agencies that regulate our industries on the regional and national levels.