21 05, 2020

Creative Ways to Enjoy Wine Month


May is Wine Month. With the current social distancing climate and businesses like wineries being by appointment only or closed completely, you’ll have to get creative to enjoy a glass of wine if you’ll be among others. Go virtual. Many Michigan wineries who are accustomed to hosting wine dinners at their vineyards have switched gears [...]

Creative Ways to Enjoy Wine Month2020-05-22T09:12:53-04:00
17 03, 2020

Why the RV community rocks


Ask any RVer about what they think is the best part about RVing, and you’ll get a myriad of responses. Some common themes rise to the surface, and one of them is the sense of community they feel with fellow RVers. Whether they are part of a particular group; visit the same campground, park, or [...]

Why the RV community rocks2020-03-17T10:21:37-04:00
4 03, 2020

March Events You Shouldn’t Miss


Grand Rapids: Butterflies are Blooming at Meijer Gardens www.meijergardens.org/calendar/butterflies-are-blooming This annual event that takes place each March and April is one many look forward to – and a sure sign of spring. The glass-sided Lena Meijer Tropical Conservatory on the grounds of Frederick Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park hosts more than 7,000 tropical butterflies from [...]

March Events You Shouldn’t Miss2020-03-04T11:33:28-05:00
13 02, 2020

Presidents that Made a Difference for America’s Great Outdoors


Our nation’s first president, George Washington, may have been the original reason for celebrating President’s Day, but the federal holiday has expanded to honor the incumbent president and all those who have served in that position for United States. But in a special way we remember those presidents who were heavy hitters and who made [...]

Presidents that Made a Difference for America’s Great Outdoors2020-02-13T11:39:36-05:00
11 02, 2020

Why do we love RVing? Let Us Count the Ways


“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways….” This commonly referenced snippet of poetry is one that everyone seems to know. Although the words are intended for a beloved person, the sentiment it embodies can be carried to other areas of life. We love our family and friends. We love going camping. We love [...]

Why do we love RVing? Let Us Count the Ways2020-02-12T08:12:07-05:00
7 01, 2020

Take in Michigan Winter by Snowshoe


“There is something in snowshoeing’s simplicity and closeness to nature that speaks directly to an increasing number of people who seek to live with nature, rather than subdue it.” — Bill Osmond, The Snowshoe Book If downhill skiing isn’t your pace and you want to get outside in the wintertime, snowshoeing might be just the [...]

Take in Michigan Winter by Snowshoe2020-01-07T08:22:07-05:00
5 09, 2019

Michigan in the Fall: 3 Things to Do


Autumn ushers in moderate temperatures across the state of Michigan, which make the conditions ideal for lots of fun, indoors and out. Attend a fall festival or event at a state park. More than 30 state parks host fall harvest festivals throughout September and October. Each park has a different arrangement of activities, which run [...]

Michigan in the Fall: 3 Things to Do2019-09-05T09:50:10-04:00
14 08, 2019

Family Fun Month: Hiking Tips for Young Explorers


Hiking is an easy activity for families because it doesn’t require a lot of gear and can be done at any pace. You share a lot of the experience, which is a powerful way to bond, but your kids may have additional, unique experiences based on their age and abilities. A two-year-old wouldn’t wade up [...]

Family Fun Month: Hiking Tips for Young Explorers2019-08-14T09:10:21-04:00
17 06, 2019

Michigan Beachcombing Tips


Beachcombing can be a relaxing, pleasant pastime. Kids can simply bring their buckets and shovels and spend hours along the shore finding treasures… and it’s just as fun for the adults, too. No phone. No itineraries. Just fresh water stretched out before you. When you visit Michigan in the summer, you can’t help but to [...]

Michigan Beachcombing Tips2019-05-23T10:40:55-04:00
14 05, 2019

A Camper’s Pastime: Bike Riding


What would camping be without bringing a bike along? For kids, bikes offer the freedom to roam the campground and grab an ice cream bar at the main office. For adults, they offer easy transportation and exercise. But bikes can be used for more than just peddling around the campground. Michigan is home to the [...]

A Camper’s Pastime: Bike Riding2019-05-14T13:34:30-04:00
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