When the holidays roll around, we each turn our attention to purchasing gifts for the important people in our lives. Most of these gift ideas in this article are designed to accomplish practical aspects of RV travel or living – but that doesn’t mean they aren’t fun or will go unappreciated.


Give the gift of camping.

Traveling around, being outdoors, and seeing new things are attractive aspects of getting into RVing. And campers have their choice of campgrounds, ranging from state parks to private RV resorts. Give the gift of camping by gifting a gift certificate to a popular or favorite campground, RV park, or RV resort. Alternatively, purchase a membership such as to Harvest Hosts, a network of small wineries and farms where RVers are welcome to stay at no cost. There are more than 195 Harvest Hosts in Michigan alone, including around many popular destinations, plus within any state on your way to Michigan. The membership fee for Harvest Hosts is typically $99 per year, but you can get it for less during promotions. Plus there’s an app so that travelers can find locations while on the road. Another idea is to give the gift of a gas card. Getting from Point A to Point B is essential for RVers, and it’s one of the highest expenses of RVing. Although very practical and not very magical as far as presents go, a gas card is always much appreciated and enables the recipient to continue on in his or her passion of RVing.


Give the gift of exploration.

Purchase an annual the National Parks and Federal Recreation Lands Pass so that the recipient can visit more than 2,000 recreation areas managed by six Federal agencies, with up to 100% of the proceeds being used to improve and enhance visitor recreation services – many of which are in Michigan. This annual pass costs only $80.

Perhaps you’d prefer to get more specific. Give the gift of a gift card, membership, or tickets to a popular attraction, such as the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit, the John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids, or the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum in Whitefish Point. Maybe a voucher for ferry tickets to visit exquisite Mackinac Island? The options are endless.


Give the gift of tidiness.

RVs need to stay spic and span, especially given the high traffic load and the dirt or sand associated with it. So give something that will help your RVing friend keep things neat, tidy, or clean. Organizational baskets, environmentally friendly (and amazing smelling) cleaning supplies, stick vacuums, and customized door mats are all suggestions for the Mo (remember Wall-e?) in your life.

Give the RVer in your life the necessities for a clean picnic table, too. Gift them with a stylish, wipeable tablecloth, either designed to fit a standard picnic table or with handy clips that will keep the tablecloth perfectly situated. Choose a favorite color or pattern for that personalized touch.


Give the gift of portability.

Portability is one of the big reasons folks get into RVing in the first place, so it makes sense to find personal items that also fit in that category. Portable tables, hammocks, power stations, propane grills, backpack coolers, and roadside kits are solid options for recipients who like to be on the go.


Give the gift of light.

RVers always, always need more ways to illuminate trails, campsites, and outdoor spaces, as well as provide ambiance to the living spaces. Battery-operated headlamps, pen lights, flashlights, or lanterns all offer different ways of providing light around the campsite. Solar lights are another option, as are string lights for the RV awning (if you have a good idea of a preferred style). Practical items such as matches and lighters help to ensure stacks of wood in fire pits keep burning brightly.


Giving and receiving gifts that pertain to a favorite hobby or pastime go beyond the physical gift itself. It’s kindness and sharing that help to bring people together, to strengthen relationships, to share experiences in life. A gift also doesn’t need to be expensive or large to be valuable. A favorite recipe you’d like to share or that you know somebody loves, handwritten and with a few items associated with that recipe, is a thoughtful, tasteful gift, too. Taking the time, not the expense, is what makes the holidays special and memorable. Including the RVers, campers, and outdoorsy people on your list.