26 06, 2023

Independence Day Celebratory Recipes for the Campsite


4th of July Charcuterie Board – Courtesy of thekitchenprepblog.com If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and impressive appetizer, then look no further than this red, white, and blue charcuterie board, which features delicious cheese, fresh summer berries, and buttery crackers. Lay out the ingredients “just so” to show off Old Glory. Ingredients Blueberry Goat [...]

Independence Day Celebratory Recipes for the Campsite2023-06-27T06:56:54-04:00
20 12, 2022

Non-Alcoholic Holiday Time Drinks


Festivities and holiday gatherings typically entail a libation or two. You have your choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Although we’ve shared some seasonal beverages in the past (that are well worth revisiting and making if you’ve never done so), we’ll concentrate on non-alcoholic cocktails in this article. Besides being delicious, these cocktails won’t inhibit [...]

Non-Alcoholic Holiday Time Drinks2022-12-20T11:40:19-05:00
16 11, 2022

Tips for Cooking in an RV


Make a plan ahead of time. This is the biggest cooking “hack” of them all. Planning your meals in advance helps you keep your RV kitchen organized and spacious. Planning also helps reduce the chance of missing something when you need it, or having to buy something and having it cost more. This could include [...]

Tips for Cooking in an RV2022-11-16T17:59:14-05:00
9 05, 2022

Four Delicious Lemonade Recipes


There are few things synonymous with summer than lemonade. Check out these four recipes, a couple for kids, a couple for adults, that you can make at the campsite this season.   Strawberry Lemonade Slushie – Courtesy of Bless This Mess This particular lemonade recipe requires some special equipment that you may not already have [...]

Four Delicious Lemonade Recipes2022-05-09T08:20:01-04:00
1 03, 2022

Pancake Recipes for the Campsite


It doesn’t need to be National Pancake Day (#nationalpancakeday) to enjoy some fresh hotcakes at the campsite. Pancakes are a hearty breakfast staple that gets the gang moving in the morning and keeps their bellies full throughout the morning’s activities. Moms, you know what we’re talking about! Make-Ahead Pancake Recipes – Courtesy of Kid Friendly [...]

Pancake Recipes for the Campsite2022-03-01T13:40:12-05:00
18 01, 2022

Easy Winter Camping Recipes


According to Outward Bound, “in the winter, it is best to eat a high calorie diet with a little extra fat. High energy foods such as cheese, butter, nuts, peanut butter, and quick burning sugary foods like chocolate, candy and granola help the body stay active and generate heat throughout the day.” For the dinners [...]

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7 12, 2021

Campsite Apple Pastry Recipes


The term “pastry” brings to mind quaint little shops filled with unbelievable smells and a case full of a delectable assortment of goodies. A little indulgence now and then is good for the soul as well as the taste buds. These recipes are doable at the campsite, throughout the seasons. Pie on a Stick – [...]

Campsite Apple Pastry Recipes2021-12-07T13:20:33-05:00
25 10, 2021

Spooky and Fun Fall Recipes


BELL PEPPER JACK O’LANTERNS WITH VEGETABLE DIP – Courtesy of KOA Bring the fun and look of jack -o-lanterns into the kitchen as this tasty and healthy snack using bell peppers. Whip up your own vegetable dip or buy a premade one from the store. Ingredients 1 large orange bell pepper (make sure it’s flat-bottomed) [...]

Spooky and Fun Fall Recipes2021-10-25T07:02:40-04:00
18 09, 2021

Fall Cocktail Recipes to Sip on at the Campsite


Fall is harvest time and full of sights and smells that we didn’t know we missed so much until the calendar and weather turn again. In addition to delicious fall meals, including ones that are easy to prepare, we shift the cocktail menu to more robust and flavorful libations. These fall cocktail recipes celebrate the [...]

Fall Cocktail Recipes to Sip on at the Campsite2021-09-15T04:17:29-04:00
12 08, 2021

Campsite Cooking: Meals for Crowds


If we’re fortunate to have an RV with a wide footprint, we can entertain visitors and friends within its walls. But for most RVers and campers, cooking and entertaining will happen in the greatest venue: the outdoors. The following recipes, one for each main meal of the day, are perfect for large gatherings. And they [...]

Campsite Cooking: Meals for Crowds2021-08-12T07:11:32-04:00
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