6 03, 2020

Choosing an RV for Vacation: What to Know Before You Rent


If you want to escape from everyday life, try something other than a hotel or a resort, and have lots of flexibility, then an RV vacation is the way to go. In the United States today, 7 million households own an RV – that’s one in twelve! (University of Michigan survey) But if you’re a [...]

Choosing an RV for Vacation: What to Know Before You Rent2020-03-06T08:28:48-05:00
16 11, 2019

Weight: It Matters for Your RV


Weight gain doesn’t just happen when the holidays roll around. Weight loss isn’t just a goal for the New Year. When it comes to your RV, weight matters. If it gets too heavy, it’s important to take some off – and keep it off! But the best thing is never reach that point in the [...]

Weight: It Matters for Your RV2019-11-16T11:21:32-05:00
7 09, 2018

RV Accessibility


The RV lifestyle is for travelers of all ages, incomes, and levels of mobility, who seek the great outdoors without abandoning the comforts of home. It’s ideal for the adventurers who wish to wake up in their own bed surrounded by scenic vistas they’ve yet explored. And as more and more people seek to make [...]

RV Accessibility2018-09-07T09:17:34-04:00
31 01, 2018

Sales tax on the difference to save RVers money!


There is good news coming out of Lansing for those who enjoy RVing. After five years of educating Michigan politicians and a historic veto override, the Michigan Association of Recreation Vehicles and Campgrounds (MARVAC) is pleased to announce that Michigan RV enthusiasts now have a very strong incentive to purchase that new RV they’ve been [...]

Sales tax on the difference to save RVers money!2018-01-31T14:47:56-05:00
6 01, 2017

Finding Your Next RV is Easy


Attend a MARVAC RV show   From north to south and east to west, there is so much to appreciate about the great state of Michigan! The best way to experience the beauty of Michigan is from the comfort of an RV or sitting around a campfire. With more than 1,100 licensed campgrounds from the [...]

Finding Your Next RV is Easy2017-02-27T14:09:13-05:00
4 01, 2017

RV Trivia


For National Trivia Day, we put together a short quiz to test your knowledge of important people, events, and facts related to the RV industry. Click on the link and find out what you really know! RV Trivia

RV Trivia2017-01-04T14:16:42-05:00
9 12, 2016

RV Skirting


Photo courtesy of Custom Skirting   If you’re parked in Michigan this winter, you know that heavy snowfall, blustery winds, and low temperatures are the norm. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pack the rig away until spring. RV skirting is a great way to insulate your RV and save you from costly [...]

RV Skirting2017-12-05T12:12:28-05:00
22 11, 2016

Protecting Your Rig During Severe Weather


Every seasoned RVer knows, when you’re parked in Michigan, you have to be ready for any type of weather at any time of the year. A sunny afternoon can turn hazardous in a moment. If you’re a full-timer or you choose to store your rig at the campsite through the winter rather than at an [...]

Protecting Your Rig During Severe Weather2017-03-31T07:35:17-04:00
15 11, 2016

Tidy Your Fridge in 5 Easy Steps


Even the most diligent neat-freaks can admit to having had a dirty fridge at some point in time. Sometimes the compact refrigerators in our RVs can become overstuffed. We forget about the leftovers from last week’s BBQ that got pushed to the back and covered by this week’s groceries. Or maybe you didn’t properly clean [...]

Tidy Your Fridge in 5 Easy Steps2017-03-31T07:35:17-04:00
9 11, 2016

RV Ownership: Getting the Kids Involved


There are RV owners of every age, with the highest concentration of owners in the 35-54 range. Not the over-65 crowd you were expecting? More and more mid-lifers make the investment in an RV while they’re still working and raising a family. Having children along can bring a lot of joy to RV trips: you [...]

RV Ownership: Getting the Kids Involved2017-03-31T07:35:17-04:00
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