10 10, 2017

Money-Saving Tips for RV Owners and Travelers


It’s well-known that vacationing via an RV can be a real money-saver, particularly for families. Think of how much you’d spend if you didn’t have an RV. Staying a few days in a popular tourist destination during the high season could result in spending upwards of $150+ per night per room. If you go for [...]

12 09, 2017

Six Common RV Mistakes: Don’t Let Failure Set You Back


Fail doesn't stand for "First Attempt In Learning" for nothing.  There is no more humbling experience than when we utterly fail and make a big mistake. We like to think of ourselves as intelligent, proficient, and capable. But sometimes, even despite our best efforts, we just aren’t. And when you are towing a trailer or [...]

31 08, 2017

10 Pieces of RV Tailgating Gear You Need this Fall


When fall rolls around, the RV can easily turn into the hangout for your friends and family on game day. Whether you are an avid fan of a collegiate or a professional team, or you just want to have a nice place for the kids to hang out at their sports match, you’ll need all [...]

15 08, 2017

Avoid Costly Repairs with Regular RV Maintenance


In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” It’s just as true for your RV. Regular maintenance is essential to keep our RVs “healthy,” in other words, well-maintained so that they function as they should and before big problems arise. The occasions where this preventative maintenance is [...]

22 06, 2017

Containing Your Kids’ Toys in the RV


If you’re a parent, then you know how easy it is for the kids’ stuff to take over. When they’re little, it’s all the toys that help with their development of fine motor skills as well as their imagination: puzzles, building blocks, plastic dinosaurs, pull toys, the noisy driving wheel. As they grow, the toys [...]

27 02, 2017

Enter to win camping and RVing getaways at the 40th Annual Flint Camper & RV Show


Attendees at the 40th Annual Flint Camper & RV Show, March 16-19 at the Dort Federal Credit Union Event Center in Flint will have an opportunity to win a marvelous Michigan camping getaway, compliments of Michigan Association of Recreation Vehicles and Campgrounds (MARVAC) members. While at the show, attendees can sign up to win a [...]

10 01, 2017

Cut Energy Costs and Increase Efficiency in Your RV


Even though most motorhomes and travel trailers typically have smaller energy needs than your traditional permanent homes, it’s still going to cost you to heat your RV and maintain a comfortable indoor environment. Here are some ideas to help curb energy costs as well as increase the efficiency of heating your RV - especially in [...]

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