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16 04, 2019

Child Passenger Safety in Motorized RVs


An RV gives you access to unlimited travel, with a homey space that can be set up anywhere. You can feel the sense of freedom, but that freedom is limited. You also need to get to and from destinations safely. When it comes to motorized RVs -- Class A, Class B, Class C -- that [...]

Child Passenger Safety in Motorized RVs2019-04-16T09:10:32+00:00
10 04, 2019

Considering a Coach House Part 2: Photo by Photo


This article gives a visual of the progress made during the construction of a coach house at an RV park. For a step-by-step guide to follow prior to construction beginning, read our sister article, "Considering a Coach House: 7 Steps." Photo 1: The concrete is poured and the plumbing is lined.   [...]

Considering a Coach House Part 2: Photo by Photo2019-04-10T13:39:07+00:00
9 04, 2019

Considering a Coach House?


Whether you just recently purchased your lot or you’re looking to make some major upgrades this season, building a coach house is a worthwhile investment. Finding information on the Internet and understanding where to even begin with this process can often be the hardest part. In this article, we break down the process step-by-step. In [...]

Considering a Coach House?2019-04-09T08:27:44+00:00
1 04, 2019

Fishing license and equipment purchases preserve Michigan’s great outdoors, which are then enjoyed by thousands of campers


“Data show fishing generates $2.3 billion annually; license and equipment purchases net millions more to preserve Michigan’s great outdoors,” according to an April 1 press release by the Michigan Wildlife Council (MWC). Nearly 1.1 million people (residents and visitors) fish in Michigan each year, keeping cash registers ringing for outdoor retailers and other businesses like [...]

Fishing license and equipment purchases preserve Michigan’s great outdoors, which are then enjoyed by thousands of campers2019-04-01T20:25:20+00:00
25 03, 2019

Must-Have Beach Supplies


A hint of warmth is starting to make its appearance, and right now, a lot of people are on Spring Break to warmer, sunnier destinations. When summer finally shines on Michigan, everyone will be heading for the beach. Good thing the Great Lakes State has more than 3,000 miles of freshwater coastline, much of it [...]

Must-Have Beach Supplies2019-03-25T05:45:53+00:00
19 03, 2019

RV Home Decorating Ideas to Add Pizzazz


Spring brings out the DIYer in all of us. When the landscape changes from white and grey to a rainbow of color, you can’t help but start thinking about what you can do to change up the interior of your RV. Are your fingers itching yet? Your mind mulling over ideas and color schemes? Put [...]

RV Home Decorating Ideas to Add Pizzazz2019-03-19T13:42:05+00:00
12 03, 2019

5 Unforgettable Michigan Camping Destinations


And what you absolutely need to do while you’re in town… Petoskey is a coastal town that sits on Little Traverse Bay, an inlet of Lake Michigan. It has a reputation for being quite charming, and it’s easy to see why. With historic grand homes, a gaslight district full of unique shops and restaurants, and [...]

5 Unforgettable Michigan Camping Destinations2019-03-14T08:37:02+00:00
5 03, 2019

Tips for Harmonious Camping


Camping can be a very relaxing endeavor. According to the 2018 Annual North American Camping Report, "96 percent of teens say they appreciate that the adults in their lives are more relaxed when camping. This desire to spend quality time with friends and family drives their desire to camp more." Isn't that what everybody wants? [...]

Tips for Harmonious Camping2019-03-05T13:56:27+00:00
1 03, 2019

What’s Up? Guide for Caring for your RV’s Roof


If you go camping enough, you’ve no doubt encountered some rain. Thanks to the construction of our RVs, we have a solid roof over our heads, one that won’t let in the water or the dampness - or will it? Keeping your RV’s roof in tip-top shape is the topic of this article. It’s a [...]

What’s Up? Guide for Caring for your RV’s Roof2019-03-01T11:53:15+00:00
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