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19 06, 2019

How to Be Safe Around a Campfire


For many of us, it’s not camping if there isn’t a campfire to sit around in the evening or one over which to cook breakfast. Campfires are essential to the camping tradition, not just for their warmth or food cooking ability, but because they seem to bring out the philosopher and ponderer in each of [...]

How to Be Safe Around a Campfire2019-06-19T13:25:57-04:00
17 06, 2019

Michigan Beachcombing Tips


Beachcombing can be a relaxing, pleasant pastime. Kids can simply bring their buckets and shovels and spend hours along the shore finding treasures… and it’s just as fun for the adults, too. No phone. No itineraries. Just fresh water stretched out before you. When you visit Michigan in the summer, you can’t help but to [...]

Michigan Beachcombing Tips2019-05-23T10:40:55-04:00
11 06, 2019

RV Upgrades and Modifications: What’s on your list?


Ask any RV owner for an opinion on upgrades or modifications and you’ll get multiple ideas. In fact, that’s why there’s this article. There are many things you can do to make your RV more efficient, run smoother, and look better. Some upgrades and modifications can be DIY, but if you’re short on time, not [...]

RV Upgrades and Modifications: What’s on your list?2019-06-11T10:59:41-04:00
6 06, 2019

Outdoor Photography Tips


Camera phones are getting better and better, but sometimes you just can’t beat the flexibility, quality, and appearance of shots taken by a traditional digital camera. Get great shots regardless of the weather and location. Mix it up and don’t be afraid to take risks. Rain shouldn’t stop you. Use a cover to shield your [...]

Outdoor Photography Tips2019-06-06T12:53:26-04:00
1 06, 2019

10 Outdoor Adventures in Michigan


Celebrate #greatoutdoorsmonth with these outstanding outdoor destinations and adventures you can find only in Pure Michigan. Bike the Heritage Trail, Glen Arbor, Leelanau County: This hard-surfaced, non-motorized trail is 27 miles long, connecting Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park attractions and the picturesque town of Glen Arbor. There are several trailheads, which will affect your length [...]

10 Outdoor Adventures in Michigan2019-05-30T09:57:21-04:00
27 05, 2019

Keeping the RV Clean: What do you do when…


A clean RV is one that looks good on the road and at the campsite, and is comfortable to live in. Keeping sand, dirt, mold, stains, and bugs at bay is a normal part of RV ownership. As the saying goes, a clean RV is a healthy RV. Here are four cleaning or cleanliness issues [...]

Keeping the RV Clean: What do you do when…2019-05-16T10:25:56-04:00
14 05, 2019

A Camper’s Pastime: Bike Riding


What would camping be without bringing a bike along? For kids, bikes offer the freedom to roam the campground and grab an ice cream bar at the main office. For adults, they offer easy transportation and exercise. But bikes can be used for more than just peddling around the campground. Michigan is home to the [...]

A Camper’s Pastime: Bike Riding2019-05-14T13:34:30-04:00
9 05, 2019

Meet Seven Michigan Wildflowers


Color returns to the Mitten State as the trees, shrubs, grasses, herbs, and flowers are lulled from their winter slumber. People get outdoors more often with the moderate temperatures, and visitors from other areas of the country begin to arrive to enjoy the beauty, too. If you like to hike, whether it’s among tall stands [...]

Meet Seven Michigan Wildflowers2019-05-10T14:35:08-04:00
7 05, 2019

Delicious Camping BBQ Meals


Is there anything better than grilling out? What about slathering on some BBQ sauce? Being at the campground simply invites you to cook outdoors and add some of that unique, delicious grilled flavor to your main courses - and even dessert. Whether you choose to make your own barbecue sauce or pick up a Michigan-made [...]

Delicious Camping BBQ Meals2019-05-07T11:30:58-04:00
3 05, 2019

Driving Tours: Wineries of Northwest Lower Michigan


Where, oh, where, do you begin? This region of the state is ideal for cultivating nearly 14,000 acres of vines of multiple grape varieties, making us the fourth largest grape-growing state. Not all of it is for wine, however. Most of it is for juice grapes (i.e., Concord grape). Wine grapes grown here - due [...]

Driving Tours: Wineries of Northwest Lower Michigan2019-05-01T09:33:34-04:00
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