28 07, 2017

Michigan Festivals – August 2017


Summer’s not over yet! Live it up and enjoy these popular, fun festivals.   Michigan is the place to be in August. The Great Lakes are warm enough to enjoy all day, the sun shines well into the night, and there’s a summer festival for every interest. No matter where you’re parked, there’s sure to [...]

24 07, 2017

Travel Michigan: 10 Regional Points of Interest


There are a lot of Top 10 lists that involve Michigan's historical, natural, and unusual attractions. This is not an exhaustive list – but it definitely gives you a place to start in each beautiful, unique region. We'll start in the Upper Peninsula and work our way down. Upper Peninsula   Visit the Great Lakes [...]

17 07, 2017

Driving Tour: Life Up North – A Tour Along Charming M22


When it comes to scenic drives in northern Michigan, the 116-mile M22 is at the top of the list. It was voted America’s Best Scenic Autumn Drives by USA Today in 2015.  It is truly splendid in the fall, with the changing colors and the cool weather that makes you want to get cozy and [...]

26 06, 2017

Driving Tour: Explore Nature in the Metropolitan Southeast


The southeast region of Michigan is most known for its cities and factories.  Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing, and all of their associated suburbs are full of hustle and bustle, congested streets, and art and culture. But in this fine state, the outdoors still beckons – and city architects have made sure that there is plenty of [...]

23 05, 2017

Road Trip: Notable Lights and Museums


Total Driving Time: 2 hours, 47 minutes            Mileage: 111.6 miles   Traversers of the Great Lakes State, from the dawn of history to the present day, have come to know that our abundant and beautiful water can often be quite turbulent and unpredictable. Michigan’s rapidly changing weather patterns can turn [...]

8 05, 2017

Road Trip! Yooper Attractions Along U.S. 2


The main destination for this driving tour is the journey itself! U.S. 2 in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula begins under the watchful eye of the Mackinac Bridge and then meanders along the coast of Lake Michigan until you reach the town of Manistique. U.S. 2 continues to Wisconsin, but there’s no need to go that far [...]

21 04, 2017

Road Trip! Antique Towns of Southwest Michigan


Do you like to peruse treasures from the past? Do you like to surround yourself with things by a bygone era? If so, Southwest Michigan is where you should set your course. The area is saturated with antique shops, filled to the brim with anything and everything you can think of. For this road trip, [...]

7 03, 2017

Tour Michigan’s Thumb Region!


This specially designed three-hour driving tour is comprised of five towns in Michigan's Thumb with their various attractions and amusements.    One of the most unexplored regions from a tourism perspective, Michigan’s Thumb Area offers a unique and different experience from the typically congested cities and “top destinations” of the state. The area is pristine [...]

1 03, 2017

8 Summer Spots in Michigan to Visit in Winter


We all reach that point: When will summer be back? We long for the warmer weather, the short-sleeved shirts, and going camping in our RVs. But don't wish winter away so quickly. Some of the state's most popular summer spots can be enjoyed in a new and different way when there's snow on the ground. [...]

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