29 09, 2020

Yes, You Can Still Have Fun Tailgating During a Pandemic


Sporting events are looking quite a bit different this year. There aren’t stands full of excited fans. The crowd is limited to, in the case of the NFL, friends and family members or even simply cardboard cutouts. Many colleges have prohibited tailgating around the stadiums and have either decided to not allow fans at all [...]

Yes, You Can Still Have Fun Tailgating During a Pandemic2020-09-29T21:14:22-04:00
25 09, 2020

Tips for Playing Music While Camping


Road trip music. Workout music. Party music. Campfire music. Suffice it to say, music permeates many aspects and occasions we experience through life. Music gets us pumped up, sets a mood, and helps us pass the time when the journey would otherwise be monotonous. We’re sure you have some favorite tunes that you like to [...]

Tips for Playing Music While Camping2020-09-25T07:14:55-04:00
18 09, 2020

Put on the Brakes


When the rain and snow hit the Mitten, you’ll undoubtedly be using your brakes more often as you navigate the roadways.  Larger motorized RVs typically use air brakes or a component called a hydro boost (hydraulic pressure). If you have a towable RV, then you have two sets of your typical brakes to watch and [...]

Put on the Brakes2020-09-18T14:54:22-04:00
14 09, 2020

Walking, Hiking, and Biking Trails to Visit for Michigan Trails Week


Presque Isle Waterfall Loop, Manabezho Falls, Porcupine Mountains Manabezho Falls is located in the gorgeous Porcupine Mountain National Park, one of the top destinations in the state of Michigan. It’s the largest waterfall that falls 25 feet and situated on the last mile of the Presque Isle River. If you take the 2.3-mile loop is [...]

Walking, Hiking, and Biking Trails to Visit for Michigan Trails Week2020-09-15T12:40:08-04:00
9 09, 2020

Camping Comfort Food Recipes


Fluttering leaves. Frosty mornings. Sunny but cool afternoons. Geese flying south for the winter. Autumn brings about fresh weather and an appetite for comfort food. We can’t seem to help wanting to make foodstuffs that are warm, hearty, saucy, and spicy. If you go fall camping, then you get to experience quieter campsites, a different [...]

Camping Comfort Food Recipes2020-09-09T07:25:18-04:00
4 09, 2020

Driving Tour: Southeast Michigan Color Tour


The Upper Peninsula and northern Lower Michigan get most of the credit when it comes to fall foliage and taking scenic drives. The metropolitan areas don’t get a lot of recognition, yet the city architects took Michigan’s natural beauty into consideration – and you’ll really appreciate it when fall rolls around. From mid- to late [...]

Driving Tour: Southeast Michigan Color Tour2020-09-04T06:44:36-04:00
31 08, 2020

5 RV Modifications and Upgrades


Whether you want to improve aesthetics or improve efficiency in your RV, there’s a little bit of Tim Allen attitude in all of us. Some projects are simple and take a few minutes while others are more extensive and require careful execution. These five RV modifications or upgrades can make a big difference in your [...]

5 RV Modifications and Upgrades2020-08-31T09:20:55-04:00
26 08, 2020

Beaches at Which to Celebrate the End of Summer


The warm summer days are making way to autumn days. You can feel it in the air, the crispness. You can see it in the trees, the muted colors as the leaves start their transformation from green to red, orange, or yellow. Although it’s always a little sad to see another summer end, it’s always [...]

Beaches at Which to Celebrate the End of Summer2020-08-27T08:08:15-04:00
20 08, 2020

Experience Michigan’s Autumn Splendor


In the blink of an eye, another summer has come and gone. The outdoors, which is commonly a sanctum for thousands during these warmer months, has become even more of a refuge during this time of pandemic. When you’re outside and among natural beauty, we can forget what’s going on in the world and instead [...]

Experience Michigan’s Autumn Splendor2020-08-20T22:05:10-04:00
17 08, 2020

Creating a Parking Pad for your RV


As an RV owner, it’s essential that your trailer or rig stays as clean and maintained as possible. This is important when the RV is in use – whether you’re camping or traveling – when it’s being stored long-term, or simply sitting around awaiting your next camping trip. Where you park your RV when it’s [...]

Creating a Parking Pad for your RV2020-08-18T08:01:46-04:00
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