13 11, 2018

RV Power


As our home away from home, many RVs have been designed with modern conveniences and appliances to make our lives on the road that much more comfortable and convenient. If you plan to use your RV regularly or for an entire season, it’s a good idea to understand the basics of your RV’s electrical system [...]

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7 11, 2018

Want to reduce stress? RVing may be the answer


We all carry stress in our lives, whether it’s from our jobs, our family responsibilities, or our ever-growing to-do list. Honestly, who needs more stress in their life? A particularly stressful event for many people is traveling. But with an RV, you can alleviate some of the stress points of travel - as well as [...]

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1 11, 2018

Agate Stone Hunting on Lake Superior


The Lower Peninsula is most well-known for its Petoskey stones, and the Upper Peninsula is known for its agate. Agate is a semi-precious gemstone formed when water vapor and carbon dioxide became trapped in solidified lava thousands of years ago - and it can be found along the shores of Lake Superior. The best stretch? [...]

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31 10, 2018

Last-Minute Halloween Celebration Ideas for the Campsite


Does the campground you’re at not have any plans, or you just want to do a simple get-together with your neighbors on your own? These six, kid-friendly ideas are perfect for a last-minute celebration. Trick-or-Treat If you’re in a campground with lots of kids, then ask other sites along your lane whether they would be [...]

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23 10, 2018

Trip Planning: Best Places to Visit in 2019


How can you possibly pick where to go and what to do when to get there? When it comes to Michigan, you have a lot of choices. In the past couple of years, our state has garnered a lot of attention by the national press. So as you're planning your RV trips for 2019 and [...]

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22 10, 2018

Be Prepared for Cold Weather Camping


As RVers, we are always prepared: for bad weather, for alterations to our travel plans, for treating first aid. During the high season for RVing, we are prepared with our warm weather gear, both for necessity and for fun. And now that the weather has turned, we take another look at our packing lists so [...]

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17 10, 2018

DIY Projects for RV & Campsite Halloween Decorations


Tap into your creative side with these easy to make, fun Halloween decorations that are sure to add some spooky charm to your RV and around your campsite. Many of these items are budget friendly and can be found at a craft store or dollar store. Share your photos with us on Facebook and Instagram! [...]

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11 10, 2018

Money-Saving Tips: RV Storage


Previously, we featured an article on this website about money-saving tips for when you’re living or traveling in an RV.  These tips focus on the day to day things you can keep in mind that will have an impact on your monthly expenses and overall budget. In this article, we’ll speak specifically about savings related [...]

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21 09, 2018

Living and Traveling in an RV: What Ifs


Time on the road can be freeing, but the realities of life still happen. Every situation will be different, but here are a few helpful tips. What if a family member gets ill (emergency situations) while I’m away and far from home? A parent in the hospital? A child sick back home?  First and foremost, [...]

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13 09, 2018

Responsible Dog Ownership Day: Outdoor Hazards


Thousands of RV owners choose to bring their dogs along for the ride and to participate in the travels. In fact, that’s one of the best parts of owning an RV in the first place, to have the flexibility and the capability to bring along your faithful friend.  Your dog won’t be restricted to the [...]

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