11 11, 2019

Cold-Weather Camping Tips for First-Time RVers


If this is your first season RVing in the fall or winter, whether you’re full timing or just want a different camping experience, it pays to be prepared. Save the surprises for the summertime; when the weather turns cold, you want to be sure of what you and your RV can handle. Here’s how you [...]

Cold-Weather Camping Tips for First-Time RVers2019-11-11T07:15:13-05:00
6 11, 2019

RV Clubs You Should Know About


By being an RVer, you’re already part of one of the best clubs. More and more Americans are choosing to be RV owners every year, further growing the network of friendships and adventures for which the RV lifestyle is known. When you first purchased your RV, or first rented one, you probably noticed information about [...]

RV Clubs You Should Know About2019-11-06T08:44:52-05:00
30 10, 2019

Sport Utility RV: A Versatile Option


If you love to ATV or you want to work out of your RV and need the space, then a sport utility RV or toy hauler may be just the RV you’re looking for. The main benefit of a sport utility RV is that you have a separate space from the living quarters to store [...]

Sport Utility RV: A Versatile Option2019-10-30T11:07:48-05:00
15 10, 2019

Warm Up with These Three Cold-Weather Soups


Soups and stews are all-in-one dishes that are easy to make the day of, or to freeze and pull out for a chilly afternoon or evening meal – characteristics that make them ideal meals for campers. These recipes from Taste of Home make us want to find the nearest cable throw blanket, pour a glass [...]

Warm Up with These Three Cold-Weather Soups2019-10-15T11:23:20-05:00
14 10, 2019

Driving Tour: Ghostly Destinations in Historic Southeast Michigan


The east portion of southern Michigan is home to some of the state’s most historic cities. Detroit, for instance, was founded in 1701 as a fort and settlement. Today it’s an industrial urban center, with 300 years of history under its belt, some of which still haunt visitors today. Ann Arbor, home to the University [...]

Driving Tour: Ghostly Destinations in Historic Southeast Michigan2019-10-14T08:34:32-05:00
10 10, 2019

RV Fire Safety: Indoors and Out


Fire Prevention Week comes about every October to remind us all of the dangers of fire and how to keep ourselves and our communities safe. Michigan has seen its share of wildfires, the most recent large-scale fire occurring in 2012 in Luce County. But we also turn our attention to structural fires. For an RV, [...]

RV Fire Safety: Indoors and Out2019-10-10T07:50:02-05:00
7 10, 2019

Be a Camping Family with Infants and Toddlers


It goes without saying, kids change your life. They take up most of your time. They change your priorities. And if camping was a favorite thing to do pre-kiddo, don’t let it go by the wayside. Kids, even infants and toddlers, naturally love the outdoors and more than that, they love being with you. So [...]

Be a Camping Family with Infants and Toddlers2019-10-07T08:10:23-05:00
25 09, 2019

12 Michigan Trails to Hike to See Fall Colors


One of the best parts of autumn is being able to get out hiking in cooler weather. Gone are the stifling hot summer days. In the fall, you can go hiking almost any time of the day. Even better, the leaves of the hardwood trees transform, giving hikers a distinctive trail experience. There are hundreds [...]

12 Michigan Trails to Hike to See Fall Colors2019-09-25T21:57:00-05:00
22 09, 2019

RVs of Tomorrow


Historically, and presently, we’re seeing more RVs on the road every year. More of our friends and neighbors are becoming RV owners, or at least renting an RV to take on vacation. We keep hearing about how more units are being fabricated and sold each year, more than the last. The generation with the most [...]

RVs of Tomorrow2019-09-22T17:28:26-05:00
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