18 09, 2019

The Perks of Late Season Camping


We usually can’t wait for summertime to arrive, to get on the road and get to the campground. To relax, get away from it all, have more space. Whatever attracts you to the RV lifestyle can be that much sweeter when autumn and winter roll around. Extend the use and range of your RV by [...]

The Perks of Late Season Camping2019-09-18T09:18:04-04:00
14 09, 2019

How to Organize a Group or Family RV Trip


There isn’t much better than camping with people you enjoy spending time with. RVing, whether you own or rent, gives you flexibility and a home away from home without ever really needing to unpack a suitcase. You may decide that instead of renting a house or staying in a hotel for your group vacation of [...]

How to Organize a Group or Family RV Trip2019-09-14T21:06:51-04:00
10 09, 2019

Fall Recipes for Your Slow Cooker Featuring Summer Flavors


Fall brings a certain nostalgia... and a certain appetite. The cravings for warm comfort foods and autumn flavors come around again. Sure, we loved summer while it lasted and all the fresh produce that came with it, but there’s something to be said about changing up the menu when a new season comes around. In [...]

Fall Recipes for Your Slow Cooker Featuring Summer Flavors2019-09-10T11:48:11-04:00
5 09, 2019

Michigan in the Fall: 3 Things to Do


Autumn ushers in moderate temperatures across the state of Michigan, which make the conditions ideal for lots of fun, indoors and out. Attend a fall festival or event at a state park. More than 30 state parks host fall harvest festivals throughout September and October. Each park has a different arrangement of activities, which run [...]

Michigan in the Fall: 3 Things to Do2019-09-05T09:50:10-04:00
27 08, 2019

Set your sights on fall


Summer may be waving good-bye in the rearview mirror, but that doesn’t mean you need to park the RV in storage yet. Autumn in Michigan is an ideal time for RVers to camp and explore the natural wonders, seasonal agriculture, and seasonal views. And since most campgrounds, RV parks, and RV resorts are open until [...]

Set your sights on fall2019-08-27T09:12:45-04:00
22 08, 2019

RV window problems and how to fix them


Windows are - literally - windows to the scenes and goings-on of the outside world from within our RVs as we drive or vacation in a campground. They are about more than visibility. They are key features to an RV’s design aesthetically as well as for letting in natural light. But windows are also essential [...]

RV window problems and how to fix them2019-08-22T09:48:08-04:00
14 08, 2019

Family Fun Month: Hiking Tips for Young Explorers


Hiking is an easy activity for families because it doesn’t require a lot of gear and can be done at any pace. You share a lot of the experience, which is a powerful way to bond, but your kids may have additional, unique experiences based on their age and abilities. A two-year-old wouldn’t wade up [...]

Family Fun Month: Hiking Tips for Young Explorers2019-08-14T09:10:21-04:00
12 08, 2019

Camping Meals for Hot Summer Days


Some days, we just don’t want to think. But we don’t want the same old thing for dinner. These three recipes will add flare in flavor and appearance. Enjoy!   On the lighter side: Antipasto Salad Sometimes a salad is all you need, complemented by fresh, crusty bread from the local farmer’s market. The lemon-garlic [...]

Camping Meals for Hot Summer Days2019-08-12T09:43:10-04:00
2 08, 2019

Family Safety Tips when Camping & Hiking


You have the experience. You’ve done the research. But it’s still a good idea to brush up on safety dos and don’ts as you embark on another family camping trip. Do: Reiterate the rules. As a parent, you know how often you find yourself repeating the same request or direction. Just because your family has [...]

Family Safety Tips when Camping & Hiking2019-08-02T08:09:23-04:00
22 07, 2019

Michigan Agriculture: Mouthwatering Vegetables


Potatoes Michigan is home to more than 312 potato farms, most of which are multi-generational family farms. Seventy percent of the state’s potatoes are used to make the all-time favorite potato chips. But potatoes are much more versatile than that. They can be made virtually any which way, which is why we love this recipe [...]

Michigan Agriculture: Mouthwatering Vegetables2019-07-22T08:37:13-04:00
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