9 05, 2019

Meet Seven Michigan Wildflowers


Color returns to the Mitten State as the trees, shrubs, grasses, herbs, and flowers are lulled from their winter slumber. People get outdoors more often with the moderate temperatures, and visitors from other areas of the country begin to arrive to enjoy the beauty, too. If you like to hike, whether it’s among tall stands [...]

Meet Seven Michigan Wildflowers2019-05-10T14:35:08-04:00
7 05, 2019

Delicious Camping BBQ Meals


Is there anything better than grilling out? What about slathering on some BBQ sauce? Being at the campground simply invites you to cook outdoors and add some of that unique, delicious grilled flavor to your main courses - and even dessert. Whether you choose to make your own barbecue sauce or pick up a Michigan-made [...]

Delicious Camping BBQ Meals2019-05-07T11:30:58-04:00
3 05, 2019

Driving Tours: Wineries of Northwest Lower Michigan


Where, oh, where, do you begin? This region of the state is ideal for cultivating nearly 14,000 acres of vines of multiple grape varieties, making us the fourth largest grape-growing state. Not all of it is for wine, however. Most of it is for juice grapes (i.e., Concord grape). Wine grapes grown here - due [...]

Driving Tours: Wineries of Northwest Lower Michigan2019-05-01T09:33:34-04:00
1 05, 2019

RV Water Health (Infographic)


Water in the RV is essential for bathing, cooking, cleaning, and drinking. Make sure it is as clean as it can be. The cleanliness of your RV's water system and associated components is essential for the system's health as well as the health of all occupants.   Sources Matter Water tank should be filled only [...]

RV Water Health (Infographic)2019-05-01T08:48:55-04:00
24 04, 2019

Mobile Gardening Tips


Whether you’re a full-timer, want some beautiful plants to add a pop of color, or desire to have fresh herbs handy for when you’re cooking in the kitchen, you can still use your green thumb even when you’re RVing. What you grow depends on your objective: ornamental or useful? Regardless, here is some information for [...]

Mobile Gardening Tips2019-04-24T09:47:01-04:00
16 04, 2019

Child Passenger Safety in Motorized RVs


An RV gives you access to unlimited travel, with a homey space that can be set up anywhere. You can feel the sense of freedom, but that freedom is limited. You also need to get to and from destinations safely. When it comes to motorized RVs -- Class A, Class B, Class C -- that [...]

Child Passenger Safety in Motorized RVs2019-04-16T09:10:32-04:00
10 04, 2019

Considering a Coach House Part 2: Photo by Photo


This article gives a visual of the progress made during the construction of a coach house at an RV park. For a step-by-step guide to follow prior to construction beginning, read our sister article, "Considering a Coach House: 7 Steps." Photo 1: The concrete is poured and the plumbing is lined.   [...]

Considering a Coach House Part 2: Photo by Photo2019-04-10T13:39:07-04:00
9 04, 2019

Considering a Coach House?


Whether you just recently purchased your lot or you’re looking to make some major upgrades this season, building a coach house is a worthwhile investment. Finding information on the Internet and understanding where to even begin with this process can often be the hardest part. In this article, we break down the process step-by-step. In [...]

Considering a Coach House?2019-04-09T08:27:44-04:00
1 04, 2019

Fishing license and equipment purchases preserve Michigan’s great outdoors, which are then enjoyed by thousands of campers


“Data show fishing generates $2.3 billion annually; license and equipment purchases net millions more to preserve Michigan’s great outdoors,” according to an April 1 press release by the Michigan Wildlife Council (MWC). Nearly 1.1 million people (residents and visitors) fish in Michigan each year, keeping cash registers ringing for outdoor retailers and other businesses like [...]

Fishing license and equipment purchases preserve Michigan’s great outdoors, which are then enjoyed by thousands of campers2019-04-01T20:25:20-04:00
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