Ask any RVer about what they think is the best part about RVing, and you’ll get a myriad of responses. Some common themes rise to the surface, and one of them is the sense of community they feel with fellow RVers.

Whether they are part of a particular group; visit the same campground, park, or resort every year and have the same neighbors; or befriend the people next door wherever they are, people who RV all share a love for adventure, flexibility, and spending time around nature. In short, RVing isn’t about what makes us different. It’s about what we share.  It doesn’t matter –at least, it shouldn’t – the size or age of the rig or trailer.

Why do people make the switch, make the commitment, and turn to RVing as way to vacation, or even to live? If you own an RV, can any of the following be said about you?

RVers share a love for the outdoors. People who live in or travel in an RV have many common interests that drew them to the RV lifestyle in the first place: hiking, biking, kayaking, visiting new places, the list goes on. Some are daredevils and bring dirt bikes or ATVs along, while others find enjoyment watching birds through a pair of binoculars or casting a line into a stream. You’ll encounter others who appreciate the same activities as you.

RVers are willing to help one another. Many RVers have been doing this for many seasons, even years in the case of some full-timers. They know what to expect, know the rules of etiquette around a campground, and know how to assist with RV-related questions or problems. They’ll even help you back in the RV, if you ask. It’s not uncommon to find an approachable face at the site next door. Many campers are quick to make friends and genuinely want to get to know you. They watch out for one another and have a sense of social responsibility.

RVers like to get off the beaten path.  They have a sense of adventure, in other words. They aren’t nervous about setting out and visiting new places or trying new things – that’s part of the fun. RVers are typically well-prepared and flexible with their plans, leading to spontaneous adventures that are memorable.

RVers come from all walks of life. And times of life. There are young families, families with older children, empty-nesters, retirees, singles, young married couples. So many people find RVing so pleasant that you’re bound to find others who are a lot like you. People who RV are currently working as or used to work as anything from sales clerks to educators, doctors to police officers – and everything in between. Everyone shares a love for the outdoors and the relaxed lifestyle that comes along with RVing.