When it comes to choosing an RV for renting for a vacation or venturing into RV ownership, many campers gravitate to the conventional travel trailer. This is different than an expandable trailer, 5th wheel trailer, or teardrop trailer.

In fact, in 2021, shipments of this particular type of RV was higher than ever – and outpaced the quantity of shipments for other RV types. In this article, we will explore why travel trailers are so appealing and a popular choice for campers of all ages.

  1. It’s towable. This is a big perk for campers. Travel trailers are included among the class of towable RVs, so you have a tow vehicle that you can unhitch and use away from the campsite, while leaving the campsite intact. Motorized RV types may require the use of the RV for additional transportation, unless you choose to use bikes, ATVs, or tow along a toad. One of the advantages of smaller travel trailer models is that its size and weight means that it can be towed by mid-size vehicles such as a family sedan or minivan; this makes an impact on your initial RV investment as you may not need to upgrade a vehicle to suit your camping travel plans.
  2. It’s more affordable. Travel trailers are more affordable than motorhomes, especially when comparing new models. This means you can enjoy the RV lifestyle without draining the bank account. However, it’s all about size and amenities; you can easily spend $50,000 on a travel trailer. Yet, it’s also easy to not spend that amount of money. Plus, travel trailers are less expensive to transport (your tow vehicle gets better gas mileage than a motorized RV), maintain and insure. There is also a healthy used RV market with many travel trailers available.
  3. There is a wide choice of sizes and floorplans. Travel trailer models range from 20-35 feet long and can sleep up to 10, making it a solid choice for families with young kids or teenagers, or a group of people camping together. Some solo campers or couples may simply want more space, or to use the RV as an office or studio in addition to a living space. Travel trailers offer that amount of space to fit any lifestyle. It’s also not unusual to see slideouts included in the overall design of a travel trailer, which expands your living space even more.
  4. Storage! Travel trailers tend to have ample space for storing your camping gear, usually underneath the living area. Large equipment is also easier to load and unload into a travel trailer, as there is space for these items to be transported.
  5. Travel trailers can boast many amenities, including full-sized indoor kitchens, outdoor kitchens, multiple entrances, walk-in showers, large entertainment systems, and fireplaces. Some units come equipped with bunkbeds for kids. In recent years, aesthetics have improved to compete with modern design trends and desires. Some larger travel trailers have a rear end master bedroom and then a bunk area in a different portion of the RV, offering some privacy and separation.

When it comes to purchasing an RV, or choosing one to rent for a vacation, it’s important to take many things into consideration so that you have an RV that suits you and your family’s needs. We explain these considerations in this article, such as what is your intended camping lifestyle? What are amenities you can’t compromise on? What is your budget, and how do you set it in the first place? Where are you planning to go camping?

A travel trailer, though the most popular RV type on the market, is still only one of many RV types. You may find, based on the answers to the previous questions, that a campervan, sports utility trailer, or motorhome suits your lifestyle, needs, and budget better. Bottom line, it’s important to do your research so that you make a solid choice on your investment. Include a travel trailer among your search – you may just find what you’re looking for.