“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways….” This commonly referenced snippet of poetry is one that everyone seems to know. Although the words are intended for a beloved person, the sentiment it embodies can be carried to other areas of life. We love our family and friends. We love going camping. We love sharing experiences. Best of all, RVing brings the things we love together.

But that’s not all. As Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote so eloquently, “Let me count the ways.” There are a lot of other reasons RVers love camping and traveling in an RV.

The flexibility to travel anywhere. An RV affords you and your family the ability to travel to practically anywhere: metropolitan cities, national parks, lakeshores and beaches, museums, trails that lead to hidden waterfalls, international dark sky parks, and everything in between. All you need to do is find a place to set up camp, whether it’s at a campground or boondocking. Everything you need is already with you when you arrive at your destination. Then, you’re tasked with deciding what to do.

The ability to choose your own timetable. It’s up to you where you want to go, and when. You can spend a few extra days in a beautiful place or you can pack up if the campground isn’t what you thought or the neighbors are less than savory. You can choose to RV during the weekdays or on weekends, stay for a whole summer or skip around the state. It’s up to you!

You know your lodgings are comfortable. You don’t need to worry about what kind of bed you’ll be sleeping on, that you don’t have your favorite pillow, and (in the case of kids) whether you forgot to pack a favorite stuffed animal. It’s all in your RV, wherever you go, wherever you choose to rest. In owning an RV you can customize the beds to individual preference, too. And when you wake up, you can choose to stay buried under the quilt, enjoy a cup of coffee outside, or read in a favorite chair.

You get to cook meals outside. Why do people love grilling so much? Because of the flavor. Cooking over a campfire also gives food a robust and unique taste that can’t be replicated in a traditional kitchen. There is something satisfying about creating a meal from start to finish outside, too, and enjoy conversation as the food cooks.

Speaking of outside, you get to spend more time out in it. Being out of doors and around nature is not only enjoyable, it’s well-known that spending time in nature makes us happier and reduces stress. In this busy life, camping gives us the chance to slow down and appreciate the simple things that may be missed or taken for granted otherwise: a sunset, a flower blooming in the trunk of a tree, the whistle of a bird. Our senses are awakened in other, better ways.

Pets can come along. Your RV is home even on vacation. That means dogs (tips for traveling with a dog) and cats (tips for RVing with a cat) don’t need to be left behind. They can come along for the adventure, which strengthens the bond you two share and gives you peace of mind that your pet is okay. After all, he’s with you.

There’s a strong sense of community. Any RVer will tell you that the friendships they’ve created and maintained over the years because of where they camped is the best thing about being an RVer. From chatting in online groups to embarking on organized group get-togethers to simply becoming best friends with the neighbors, the RVing community is something special.

Your children benefit. Camping lets you create memories that will last for your children, memories they will cherish. You give them time away from technology and help them develop skills related to the outdoors.

Spending quality time. It’s easy these days to be in the same room and not spending time with one another. Getting outside, visiting museums, and experiencing new things together provide the quality time you all crave.

More activity. The RV lifestyle is a more active lifestyle by (no pun intended) nature. The outdoors beckon everywhere you set up camp, and since they are often new places, there are new activities to partake in. This is essential for a balanced, less stressful, and more complete life.