When space is limited, transform your rig into the perfect guesthouse oasis.

If your home serves as basecamp for reunions and get-togethers with lots of friends and family, personal space can come at a premium. Do yourself and your guests a favor by parking your rig in your driveway and opening it up as a guesthouse. Not only will you and your guests enjoy the increased privacy, but it is also a great opportunity to share your passion with your loved ones.

Now of course, this RV guesthouse wouldn’t be very alluring if there wasn’t any electricity.

If you have a slab and a full hook up at your house – perfect! (Except your guests may never leave!) If you don’t, most homes have a 15Amp or 20Amp outlet that you can plug into with a converter – most RVs typically require a 30Amp or 50Amp power source – this will power most of the RV, just not all of the major appliances at the same time. Keep this in mind if your guests will be arriving before the final frost of the season, as they may not be able to run the heater all night.

Apprise your guests of their limited power usage and advise of which appliances can be run at the same time and which should not, as to avoid tripping the house circuit. Their power consumption should not exceed the Amp limit for the circuit in which they are using.

With the rig up and running, it’s time to give it a thorough cleaning:

Restock your paper towel, toilet paper, and tissue supply; empty the closets of your summer wear so your guests have room to hang their own clothing; and change out the linens and towels so they have a fresh set.

Be sure the pantry and refrigerator are well-stocked.

Try to add some treats from your preferred shops or farmers market to expose your guests to some local favorites. Also include a bottle, or two, of their favorite adult beverage; it is a vacation after all!

Add a few personal touches

– items that will make your guests feel truly at home. Leave a few of your favorite books or movies on the kitchen table for when they retire to the rig for the night. And be sure to include plenty of throw pillows and blankets, and maybe even a pair of slippers, for added comfort and relaxation.

Include a thorough guide of all the switches and buttons in the rig as well

– especially if this is your guests’ first time in an RV. Detail where the light switches are, how to work the DVD player, and where to find the extra supplies, like blankets or toiletries. This will give both you and your guests more peace of mind.

A few additional things to consider

would be a flashlight by the front door and a spare set of house keys in case your guests need to make a quick trip to the main house in the middle of the night. For extra guidance, consider investing in some reflective duct tape to illuminate a path from the RV to the main door.

RVs are equipped to be versatile – they have the ability to adapt to our needs on a whim; take advantage of that the next time you invite guests over. Who knows, a few nights in your RV may convince your loved ones to get a rig of their own!