Looking to make your RV more like home, more comfortable, and more inviting? Stock décor from most RV manufacturers is relatively neutral and boring. You need to put your spin and incorporate your style on the interior decorating, and thankfully many DIYers have recorded their decorating adventures (take one look through Pinterest and you’ll have a list a mile long of things to do). We will focus on simple touches that are relatively inexpensive – and depending on your style, unique.

Choose a theme. The “theme” of most RV décor off the lot is dull uniformity. That may be fine for a while, but as you spend more time in your RV and it really becomes your living and entertaining space, it’s time to make some updates. Start with a theme, which really helps pull everything together across the spaces. Beaches, camping, the outdoors, shabby chic, farmhouse, and retro are common themes chosen by RVers – and there’s a lot you can do with those ideas. A theme will also help you home in on colors and overall decorating style.

Color, color, color. Although RV interiors are getting more modern as far as aesthetic appeal, the color palette stays in the neutral zone. Splashes of color are a great way to add charm and uniqueness. This is one of the quickest ways to make your RV your own. Simple ideas such as covering the couch with a patterned slipcover, painting a wall or two, adding lively colored throw pillows, or adding a colorful runner are all ways to achieve this in the living room. In the bathroom, add some much-needed color by getting a fun shower curtain, coordinating bathmat, and a cute soap dispenser. A stick-on backsplash behind the sink also adds a nice, new feature. Bedrooms and bunks can be made more personal with brighter comforters and more modern light fixtures.

Wall decorations. Break up monotony and add some homey touches with wall decorations that are personal or meaningful to you. Just make sure everything is secured tightly to the wall. Some ideas include maps of places you’ve visited, decals (which don’t require making any holes), and a display of favorite photographs. Go a step further in the bedroom and use the wall behind the bed as a place to attach a false headboard. You can use garden lattice, an old tapestry, or just find a fun fabric that matches your theme or color scheme. Curtains are also a way to add color and freshen up the interior decorating of your RV. Keep the size of your RV in mind when it comes to wall décor. Small spaces can’t handle much, if any. You don’t want the spaces to look cluttered. It may be better to swap out rather than add in the case of an RV with a smaller footprint.

Furniture. If you really want to make a big impact, swap out the furniture. You’ll need to measure the spaces to make sure the new furniture will fit, but once you get the old furniture out and the new in, you’ll be amazed at the change in the room’s appearance.

Brighten up. Although we just talked about adding color, adding some white or cream or light-colored paint to the kitchen cabinets will immediately freshen up and brighten up the space, making it feel larger. Adding a light-colored backsplash – maybe with a fun pattern – can also lighten up a typically dark space, plus add a little character. Light fixtures are a small way to make a big impression, and you have your choice of fixtures so you can find some that match your style. Swap out for LED bulbs, if your RV doesn’t already come with them, which put off seemingly brighter light – as well as help with your electricity usage.