We all carry stress in our lives, whether it’s from our jobs, our family responsibilities, or our ever-growing to-do list. Honestly, who needs more stress in their life? A particularly stressful event for many people is traveling. But with an RV, you can alleviate some of the stress points of travel – as well as experience the benefits of reduced stress from other aspects of the RV lifestyle.


What’s there to wait for? In an airport, you arrive two hours early to sit at a gate and eat expensive food, only to encounter a delay. Airline travel can be convenient at times, but you spend a lot of time simply waiting. With an RV, you can hit the road and make as many “delays” as you want on the way to your destination. And if you have to wait for something, such as bad weather to pass or the repair of a tire, you can better handle the hiccup in your plans and adjust your plans as needed because traveling in an RV enables you to be…


There’s a lot of freedom to be had when you have an RV. You don’t even need a campsite reserved for every night of your vacation; you can get to practically anywhere and find camping spots along the way. That’s not to say to not be a careful planner, as being too “loosey-goosey” can cause painful amounts of stress from being unprepared. There are so many beautiful places in our country, and most people miss them because they take the skyway instead of the highway.


When you stay in an RV, you are in the midst of nature. Being in and around nature has scientific benefits to our health, including reducing stress and blood pressure. Just being outside speaks to something deep within us, and through that lens, the grass is definitely greener. Plus, so many camping activities take place out of doors, that you’re outside more than you’re not.

Simplified living.

Stuff clutters our minds and adds to our stress level. When you live simply, you have fewer concerns, fewer items to buy or replace, fewer things to worry about. Plus, with the limited space available in our RV’s bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms, you can only bring so much, making packing a much less stressful job to begin with (once you have the hang of it) and much less stressful when you arrive because you already have everything you need right in your RV.

Change of pace.

It’s refreshing and invigorating to have a change, to get out of the office, to visit someplace new, to spend time with people you usually see only at dinnertime. When we break from the “ordinary,” our minds and bodies get a reboot, lowering our stress and giving us a fresh outlook on life. RVing gives us the ability to make changes quickly and as often as we want.

How does RVing reduce stress in your life? What tips do you have to help reduce stress during your travels? Please comment below!