If you love to ATV or you want to work out of your RV and need the space, then a sport utility RV or toy hauler may be just the RV you’re looking for.

The main benefit of a sport utility RV is that you have a separate space from the living quarters to store your favorite outdoor recreation toys, such as ATVs, dirt bikes, and even snowmobiles and golf carts. You can fit small kayaks, paddleboards, bikes, you name it.

Best of all, because of the RV’s design, you don’t need to worry about towing those large (and expensive) items behind the RV or their getting hit with rocks in transit or their being exposed to the elements. Just park them in the “garage,” strap them down, and get on the road; you can store them inside as well once you reach your destination.

The extra space can also be converted into alternative living or working area, such as a studio if you’re an artist, an office, or a playroom for the kids. Some RVers choose to make it into a party room. Some models have sleeping quarters and living quarters built into the garage area, but it depends on the model.

Many sport utility RVs also come with a built-in ramp for easy on-loading and off-loading. This ramp can also be used as an outdoor deck, complete with side rails. Imagine yourself enjoying happy hour in a portable folding chair, enjoying the beautiful Michigan weather.

Sport utility RVs come in all sizes, but most include amenities for sleeping, showering, cooking, dining, entertaining, and of course, hauling. Larger models can have a loft or upstairs for additional space. Smaller models may be able to be towed by mid-sized vehicles, making this an ideal choice if you’re just getting into RVing and you already own such a vehicle. (Note: Check your vehicle’s tow limits before committing to purchase a sport utility RV.)

Since a sport utility RV is a trailer, you can easily detach your tow vehicle if you want to get away from the campsite. This flexibility makes a sport utility RV a popular choice.

If you’ll be using a sport utility RV in the winter, make sure you have a unit that can handle the cold, such as a higher BTU furnace, heated tanks, and extra insulation in the walls and windows. It’s the perfect place to warm up after a joy ride in the snow atop your favorite snowmobile.

So if you’re looking for a versatile, roomy RV that offers flexibility and style – plus has the easy capacity to transport your favorite toys – then consider a sport utility RV.

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