If you have kids, then you know how much they love getting out in the snow and going sledding. But it’s also a blast with a group of adults. Sledding is an activity you can enjoy as a family, plus you all get a little exercise on the multiple climbs back up.

Whether you choose to sled or snow tube in someone’s backyard, on a golf course, or a dedicated run at a ski resort, everyone can have a good time if they follow some simple rules and dress appropriately.


To keep everybody safe and having fun, it’s important to follow some “sledding etiquette” including:

  1. Wait your turn. Wait your turn. Wait your turn.
  2. Don’t walk up the track you just came down. More than likely, somebody else is ready to go and being in the track not only puts you in the way, and it gets bumpy from trekking through the snow. Keep the track as pristine as possible. Coming back up hill, walk along the side of the sledding area.
  3. Don’t push anyone down the hill if there are still people at the bottom of the track. We don’t want any injuries!
  4. If you’re at a snow tubing hill where you and others pay by the hour, then there is usually someone manning the hill to make sure everyone is staying safe.

Have a race between teams, individual or relay, for some added fun, or just simply enjoy the ride downhill.

What to wear

It’s important to be warm yet able to be flexible. Your blood is going to get pumping from the exercise, but the waits at the top of the hill and the windy ride down can be downright chilling. So wear breathable layers that you can take on or off. Wear warm wool socks (footie pajamas can work well for younger children) and sturdy boots. Consider wearing goggles or bringing a neck warmer to help with the zooming ride down the hill. Ask children to use the bathroom facilities before they get layered up.

Where to go

Need a place to go sledding or snow tubing? Check out these fantastic resources:

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