Rainy days don’t need to get you down. They can be a chance to slow down, to take it easy, to try something new or different… and to have a little fun.


Be a Puddle-Jumper

No, not across the “pond.” Enjoy the rain showers more directly. As long as it’s not thunder and lightning, grab your raincoat and boots, ditch the umbrella, and get outside. There are puddles aplenty. Just think of how happy Gene Kelly was in Singin’ in the Rain. Kids will have a ball of a time, and you’ll feel like a kid again, especially if you play a game of who can find the biggest or deepest puddle, or who can make the biggest splash. And while you’re out, go for a short hike. The forest is quiet and different in the rain.

Marshmallow Builder

Those puffy white sugar balls don’t just need to sit around waiting to be eaten; they are ideal building materials. Pretzel sticks, toothpicks, and kabob skewers can be the connecting points. Now you’ve got a homemade set of tinker toys. Hold a contest and set the stakes. A little friendly competition will help spark the creativity.


Visit an Indoor Attraction

Museums, aquariums, botanical gardens, science centers, water parks… save the indoor attractions for a rainy day when it’s too wet to be outside. To avoid crowds, plan your outing for either immediately after opening or later in the afternoon.


Craft a Story

Task kids with writing their own story, whether it’s using words or simply pictures. Create your own story with them. Then, share stories with one another. Instead of writing a story, play a game where each person in the RV gets to contribute a sentence or two at a time, and build the story together. You’ll get some very interesting twists! Or, everyone can enjoy a little quiet reading time. Open a window to listen to the rain while you are transported into another world.


Watch a Movie in the Middle of the Day

Make it a big deal! Make some popcorn, bake cookies, build a fort. Make watching a movie together a fun and memorable event, not just something to pass the time or to keep the kids occupied. While you’re camping, screen time should be at a minimum regardless, so this is a change of pace from the norm that will make your camping experience even more unforgettable.