Camping presents plenty of opportunities for adults to impart wisdom to the younger generation. Whether that wisdom is a how to do something, how to appreciate something, or how to take care of oneself, kids and young adults can benefit from the experience of camping and learn from “the experienced.” It all goes full circle; one day, they will be teaching their kids.

Life lesson #1: Planning and preparedness are important.

When it comes to traveling in an RV and camping in it, it’s important to be prepared to reach your destination safely, have the right supplies on hand in case of an emergency, and have what you need when you reach the campsite. This requires planning, organizing, and a degree of confidence. The same goes for embarking on activities during your time camping: choosing a trail, finding your way around a new area, having the right supplies with you, etc.

Life lesson #2: You can take care of yourself.

Although RVs come equipped with technology and we have technology at our fingertips practically anywhere, we can’t rely too much on technology to provide us with the answers. Knowledge and practicing skills are important for self-sufficiency and the sense that you can take care of yourself. Skills acquired during traveling and camping in an RV include: maneuvering a large vehicle, maintaining a vehicle, prioritizing how to set up camp, making a fire, cooking over a fire, keeping comfortable and healthy regardless of the weather, knowing what to do if there’s a medical emergency… the list goes on.

Life lesson #3: You don’t need much to be happy.

The world tells us we need a large house with a big yard. Inside, we should have top of the line appliances, expensive furnishings, and organic food in the pantry. It’s all about appearance and “stuff.” Although there are many big rigs available that are luxurious, the footprint is much smaller, the amount of items held within is much less, and there isn’t a constant drain on your energy to update or maintain as there is with a sticks and bricks house. If you want simplicity in an RV, you can find it. You don’t need much to be happy. A clean bed, a way to stay warm, good food to eat, and close access to the outdoors will do the trick.

Life lesson #4: The outdoors is where it’s at.

Kids who go camping learn to appreciate being outside and taking care of the environment. They develop a love for outdoor activities and are generally healthier because they are exercising – yet having fun. Nature is full of beauty as well as resources, and being outside helps clear the mind as well as maintain the body. The outdoors helps you to reconnect with the natural as well as offer balance and perspective.

Life lesson #5: Relationships are your greatest treasure.

Camping brings people together, literally. You’re sharing car space and living space, and spending time together doing the same activities. All this togetherness, though it can get on the nerves at times, helps to cement relationships. Siblings grow closer and find common interests. Parents and kids can learn something new together. Adults can teach their kids how to be self-sufficient and appreciate the beauty of nature. Broadly speaking, the RVing community is a helpful one, where people assist one another, share experiences, and share common values. There are countless relationships that started at a campground, with many seasoned RVers saying they have made lifelong friends. RV groups for specific activities or stages in life bring people together. Kids learn that relationships are the greatest treasure in life. People, not stuff, are what matter.