Michigan is well-known for its beaches, vistas, and forest. You can find all of this within the bounds of the state’s golf courses. Each one is unique in its intensity, appearance, and style – but the objective of the game remains the same: Have a good time and don’t lose a ball.

With our handy RVs, toads, and tow vehicles, we can easily pack the clubs and find a golf course near the campsite to take in a round of two.


What gear should I bring?

Most golf courses have the same attire requirement: khaki shorts or pants and a polo shirt. You may find some golf courses relax this dress code; others may have more stringent expectations. Golf shoes are nice but usually not required. You may want a ball cap or sunglasses. Of course, you need a set of golf clubs and some golf balls.

Can I bring my son or daughter?

If your son or daughter is young (under 8) and not a golfer, then he or she can “ride along” in the cart. Some courses have a ride-along fee, which is minimal, while others don’t. But, pack a kid’s size putter and perhaps one other club, and include it in your golf bag. Ask about ride-alongs when you book your reservation.

Do I need a reservation?

It’s a good idea, especially if you’re only around for a few days and not from the area. Many public golf courses are booked in advance or host tournaments. You can call the courses directly to inquire about tee times or you can check the course website. If you choose to book through a course’s website, you may need to create credentials and pay in advance. This can be irritating if you plan to visit a course only once while you’re in town. The better play would be to call. There are also apps that will help you locate courses and find tee times. One of the most popular apps is Golf Now. But if you are an avid golfer, you probably already have it handy on your phone.

When should I go?

Summer is obviously the high season for golf courses in Michigan, and rates match accordingly. In the spring and fall, you’ll find lower rates. Most courses change their rates daily as well, such as after two or four in the afternoon – “Twilight Round.” A morning round gives you the advantage of more pleasant temperatures (in the summer) and fewer people on the course.

Where should I go?

By the last count, there are more than 650 public golf courses in the state of Michigan. Some are on the grounds of colleges and universities, others are along shorelines, while others are nestled in the woods. Some have a lot of open air and spread out, while others are tightly packed. Basically, you have your choice of courses and can narrow it down by rate and degree of challenge.

Some of the most well-known in the state include Forrest Dunes, Arcadia Bluffs, Grand Traverse Resort and Spa, Tullymore, and the University of Michigan Golf Course. Here are some other favorite courses to consider, if you’ll be in the area (or make sure you are):

Regardless of where you choose to whack a ball, you and your fellow golfers will get to enjoy the fresh air, take in the beautiful Michigan scenery, and encounter wildlife. You may get frustrated from time to time – what golfer doesn’t? – but it doesn’t compare to the relaxing, pleasurable experience of being out on a course.