The number of RVers who are in their 30s and 40s has grown significantly over the past few years, particularly since the onset of the pandemic. In fact, “half of RVers are under 45 and highly likely to be traveling with kids.” Combined with the growth in the number of RVers under the age of 30 and the continued high interest by retirees (over age 60) to this particular lifestyle, there are more adults hanging around the campground more than ever.

Even with kids along, adults are changing the dynamic at campsites. Although campfires, hot dogs, and smores are welcome and have their place, adult RVers nowadays are branching out in their repertoire of campsite activities to include more sophisticated gatherings and pastimes when they aren’t out enjoying the outdoors and partaking in activities such as hiking, biking, ATVing, and swimming.


Wine tasting. Michigan is home to a lot of wineries, particularly in the southwest and northwest regions (Lake Michigan side). Most grocery stores carry a wide selection of Michigan-made wine, so you don’t need to travel to the physical wineries (unless you really want to, then follow these tips) to give Michigan vino a try. Ask everyone to bring one or two wines that they either really like or would like to try. Try to sort the wine from sweetest to most robust, typically whites and working your way up through the reds. If wine isn’t your thing, give some Michigan whiskeys or craft beers a try! Everyone brings their own glass of choice.


Gourmet potluck. It’s an adult’s night out, in the campground. Thanks to modern portable appliances, RV kitchens, and internet accessibility, you can whip up a gourmet course at the campground. But don’t worry about making the entire meal. Invite friends and neighbors to partake in the activity, with everyone meeting up in a communal spot or somebody’s campsite, each with a gourmet dish to pass. These recipes might help you get started. You can assign courses or simply ask everyone to bring a dessert or appetizer.  If you have kids, whip up an easy favorite camping meal just for them, along with a special dessert.


Game night. Whether you want to relive college days with old fashioned beer pong, try your luck at poker, do a round robin cornhole tournament, or have several tables of Euchre, game night with just the adults can be extra fun – and entertaining. This is especially enjoyable if you have younger kids who are too young to learn or participate in some of your favorite games. Make it official with a bracket and prize or trophy for the winner(s) of the evening to help get everyone in the competitive spirit. Here are some other yard games that are family-friendly, too! 


Whether you’re camping with a group of adults or are able to find a way to spend some adult time while camping with the family, you can have fun and make memories.