Michigan craft beer in particular.

With more than 250 unique breweries in the state, and more opening every month, finding a beer to drink won’t be a problem. The problem will be deciding where to go and deciding which brews to try! Here are some ways to show your love for beer this winter.

  1. Go on a city tour. Cities with more of a concentrated collection of breweries often give you the ability to try multiple places, because they are within an easy walking distance or only a short drive apart.* Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Detroit, and Traverse City are top examples. You can create your own pub crawl or look to local websites for local tours or maps that already have things planned out.
  2. Attend an event. Around the holidays, events abound. From festivals (indoors and out) to special tastings, to restaurant weeks, you’ll be able to enjoy what Michigan craft breweries have to offer. One of the largest events is the Winter Beer Festival, held in Grand Rapids in February and hosted by the Michigan Brewers Guild. (Visit our calendar for ideas!) 
  3. Order a sampler. Most restaurant establishments are proud to carry Michigan craft beer. If you can’t decide what to try, try several. A sampler or flight, typically five or six beers but even twelve at times, can help you expand your repertoire and hone your tastes. You don’t even need to share.
  4. Customize a six-pack. Many liquor stores now offer the ability to create your own six-pack by picking single bottles of brews you want to try. Some local grocery stores also offer this option. It’s a great way to try a variety without having to eat out or visit several breweries.
  5. Incorporate beer into cooking. Beer can add depth to lots of different dishes, especially stews, soups, and meats – the perfect foods for cold weather days. Use beer for battering fish or chicken for added flavor. Simply Google “cooking with beer” for some recipe ideas. Many Michigan breweries have food sections on their websites with recipes worth trying.

*It goes without saying, but do not drink and drive. Safety for yourself, your friends, and everyone around you is most important. Always have a responsible, dedicated driver included in your group. If you’re in a city with cabs available, take them instead (Traverse City has a karaoke cab, which can get really fun with a few brewskis). Also, many craft breweries offer beers with higher alcohol content, which is usually disclosed. Keep this in mind if you’ll be drinking several beers, as your “usual” pace might change. Michigan craft breweries are proud to serve you and want you to enjoy their artistic creations!