Historically, and presently, we’re seeing more RVs on the road every year. More of our friends and neighbors are becoming RV owners, or at least renting an RV to take on vacation. We keep hearing about how more units are being fabricated and sold each year, more than the last.

The generation with the most buying power – and interest – right now? The Millennials (age range 30-45). This group represents around 41 percent of the market share, which is only expected to increase. By 2025, that equates to roughly 72 million people. If you’re of the Millennial generation, you should know that you are changing how RV manufacturers design and equip RVs going forward. If you’re the generation before or after, you should know how the Millennials are impacting the RV industry… and the RVs you’ll be able to purchase in the years to come.

Here are some of the top trends RV manufacturers are currently focusing on so that you, regardless of which generation you represent, have a great ownership and camping experience.

Interior decorating to feel more like home. We’ve featured DIY articles on this website in the past, but RV manufacturers are coming up with interior design schemes that are homier and more comfortable. They are breaking with the “traditional” neutral décor. A recent news article talked about how one manufacturer will begin offering “modern farmhouse” as an interior option, copying the home interior decorating trends along those same lines.

Enhanced functionality and footprint. RV designers are wizzes at creating dual purpose spaces, but they are also prone to adding too much (i.e., multiple slide-outs to enhance space yet they can break or require maintenance). Millennials are all about “less is more.” They are looking for well-built and functional interior footprints that are simple and refined yet also make the best use of the available space. This will require designers to think more creatively.

Lightweight.  This generation isn’t as interested in the large drivable motorhomes. They’re all about portability and flexibility. Lightweight campers and camper vans are of high interest for Millennials and subsequent generations, so RV manufacturers are turning their sights to these particular types of recreation vehicles. Lightweight RVs have the advantage of (usually) being able to be towed by a standard vehicle, so no new tow vehicle is required. Camper vans are compact and require little setup.

Access to technology.  It’s changed our world and now we can’t seem to live without it, even while camping. Connectivity has grown essential, and RV manufacturers and campgrounds are working to ensure that campers have access to high speed, reliable internet and satellite service. The smart technology that is now practically commonplace in modern homes will logically come to be expected for RVs. That means apps as well.

The RVs of tomorrow will look similar and yet have drastic differences to the RVs of today, thanks to the Millennial generation, home decorating trends, and the comforts of modern day living.