Spring brings out the DIYer in all of us. When the landscape changes from white and grey to a rainbow of color, you can’t help but start thinking about what you can do to change up the interior of your RV.

Are your fingers itching yet? Your mind mulling over ideas and color schemes? Put that all to use this year to really make your RV as unique as you. Don’t settle for neutral browns and thickly weaved curtains. Add some pizzazz with these easy decorating tips.

  1. Add pieces of visual interest. Yes, even the RV could use some accessories. Choose throw pillows that are washable, of course, but that have a unique pattern or print that helps to pull together the overall look of the room. Function is at the forefront of our minds with the limited space we have in our RVs, but not everything has to be functional. However, when choosing storage bins, you can look for ones that are colored plastic instead of clear, or even use baskets to add refinement to your space. Take a look at your walls and hang a select few photos or prints that could make for great conversation starters (i.e., a watercolor print of Tahquamenon Falls) and splashes of color, just as you would in a traditional home.
  2. Speaking of walls… Take a look at them. Do you like the color? Do you like the print? Painting or wallpapering RV walls is one of those DIY projects that doesn’t take a whole lot of time or money but makes a big difference in the environment of your RV. Choose a color palette of two or three colors and stick to it throughout the RV, including the walls. Maybe you just want to go with cream or white print and add some wall stickers for some large-scale visual interest. The choice is yours!
  3. Furniture and linens. When it comes to bedding, you want washable, washable, washable. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with patterns or materials on beds that don’t need to function also as something else (i.e., master bedroom or bunks). Let the kids decide on the sheets and comforters so that their bunks are really their own. And when it comes to the dining room furniture, nix what came in the RV and replace it with a table and chairs or benches that better suit your style. Just be sure to lock that table down. This can make a significant difference in your RV’s interior appearance.
  4. Look down. Your RV’s flooring may not be exactly what you hoped, even if it is durable in high traffic. You can hide some of it and add some personal flair with decorative mats and runners. Replacing your floor is a whole other project and requires a lot of time and consideration. Take a look around your kitchen, too, especially at the cabinet hardware. Swap out what you have with something that speaks more to your style. If you don’t have hardware, then adding some can add that little splash of sophistication to your kitchen area.

Of course, all of these ideas don’t suit all RV types, but the point is that there are little things you can do to make the interior of your RV more “you” and less “manufactured.” However, manufacturers are noticing decorating trends and making changes to their designs as well as the overall interior “look” that are more timeless and consistent with modern decorating preferences.