The RV lifestyle is for travelers of all ages, incomes, and levels of mobility, who seek the great outdoors without abandoning the comforts of home. It’s ideal for the adventurers who wish to wake up in their own bed surrounded by scenic vistas they’ve yet explored. And as more and more people seek to make this dream a reality, manufacturers work to make this lifestyle as inclusive as possible, especially for people with mobility limitations.

The range of rigs equipped with accessibility options makes RVing a possibility for everyone. Working with a manufacturer creates a more custom travel experience, but there are many more affordable options already on the market.

Most accessible RVs come in Class As, Bs, and Cs, and fifth wheels. Class As, Bs, and Cs are equipped with their own motor while fifth wheels require a tow vehicle. Keep this in mind when making your purchase or rental decision.

Accessible RVs come with a variety of features, but most common are lifts or ramps and widened entryways, making getting in and out of your RV easier. Additional features can include widened interior pathways, roll-in showers and roll-under sinks, lowered kitchen appliances and cabinets, and hand controls for operating your motorcoach.

Many RV manufacturers offer an impressive lineup of accessible coaches, ranging in layouts and price points. You can purchase a ready-to-go RV off the lot, or contact a manufacturer and discuss building a coach from the ground up. This allows you the greatest opportunity for customization and grants you the ability to express what is most important to you and what you could live without.

If you already have an RV or purchasing brand new is not in the budget, you can convert your current rig or a used, standard RV to be more accessible. Some projects such as adding handrails, assembling a modular ramp, or swapping out furniture can easily be completed on your own by following a tutorial online. While other, more involved projects, like installing a roll-in shower, or adjusting the height of your control panel, should likely be left to the professionals. Contact your manufacturer to discuss your conversion options.


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