Want to host a little get-together at the campsite? Follow these simple tips to ensure a fun, memorable party and leave your guests thinking, We had the best time! 

Add a little sparkle. Lights always add glam to a party, and the lights you choose will help evoke the right atmosphere for your guests. Is it a margarita party? Then hang some multicolored lights from the awning or, better yet, little margarita glasses. A 70s party? Then psychedelic, color-changing hanging lights would be ideal. Hang lights from the awning or inside the RV to add class – or fun – to your gathering.

Add a table. Or two. Having multiple tables gives people options on where to relax or move around and converse with others. Each table can have a different snack or activity. If you don’t have all the furniture you need, simply ask your guests to bring extra tables and chairs to set up at their leisure.  Inside your RV, move furniture around if you can to best accommodate the number of guests you are expecting.

Add a little music. It’s not a party unless there’s music, and RVers have lots of options when it comes to blasting tunes. Your standard portable boom box would do the trick (preferable battery powered), as well as your iPod docket or Bluetooth speakers receiving signals from your phone. You’re going to need to make sure that the music isn’t too loud for neighboring campsites or too soft for your guests.

Add finger food. Bite-sized portions of favorite foods are ideal for a party hosted in and around your RV. You can place them strategically on different counters and tabletops so as to help avoid congestion. If guests are bringing food to pass, ask them to stick to a single platter. Finger foods require prep ahead of time so that everything looks effortless when you’re entertaining.

Add games. With nice weather, move the party outdoors. Set up lawn games for people to play. Parlor games are also enjoyable, and playing them outside gives a nice change from the ordinary. If everyone in your gathering knows one another well, then assign “teams” as people arrive – and have them compete throughout the evening. You get to decide what the victors get to take home, though bragging rights might be enough. And if your party will be kid-friendly, make sure to have age appropriate games and activities set up for your younger guests.

Add a party room. The gathering doesn’t need to happen within the confines of your RV; many RV types can’t accommodate many people inside. So move the party outdoors. If you don’t want to entertain under the stars in the open air, you can always add more outdoor space. An enclosed awning screen room is the perfect spot for a summer get-together. It adds valuable square footage so you can keep the main door open to help the flow of traffic and offer more space to mingle. The bugs are kept at bay, too. Add some extra chairs or a loveseat and a side table for a cozy oasis.

Add some new friends. As the host, consider inviting a good mix of renters and owners – RV resorts often separate owners from the renters. Diversify your invite list to get different groups of people gathered who may not have otherwise. In other words, build bridges. Also, decide up front whether kids are invited to the event, and make that decision clear to all invitees.