Imagine being on vacation and you have a problem with your RV, whether it’s the air conditioning going kaput, the water tanks just aren’t cutting it, an electrical problem, or an issue with the leveling system, a professional technician may be just a phone call away. Many RV dealers and service providers offer mobile RV service, including many MARVAC members.

We go through some of common questions RVers have when it comes to mobile RV service. Two MARVAC members, Larry’s RV of Jackson and Muskegon RV of Muskegon provide insight into this service, which they are proud to provide.


What is the biggest benefit of being able to utilize mobile service?

A big benefit to is one vacationing RVers will appreciate:It saves customer from having to hook up a trailer and pull it to the dealership” says Tim Baker president, Muskegon RV.

James Eccleton of Larry’s RV adds that other type of RVer can benefit: “Often, we sell a RV to somebody who does not have a vehicle to pull it. We often deliver the unit to a seasonal park. Also, some units are very large. People build decks and sheds around them. They require mobile RV service, because they can’t transport their unit due to size, decks, lack of proper

vehicle, or they may live far away from where they have their camper set up for camping use.”


Do all service providers service all brands and types of RVs?

The short answer: no. Brand doesn’t seem to matter, but all mobile RV service providers don’t offer repair for all types of RVs. For instance, Muskegon RV services mostly travel trailers. As for Larry’s, “We service all brands of RVs. We perform warranty work on all units we sell and occasionally we do warranty work on campers purchased from other dealers. Larry’s RV sells the following brands:  Wildwood, Bullet, SportTrek, Volante and East West. We specialize in towable trailers and some fifth wheels. We do not sell motorized although we do service all the camper stuff on a motorized, just not the chassis.”  Even if the closest mobile service doesn’t can’t provide an on-site repair for your RV, you may be able to learn from them of the nearest shop that does offer service for your particular RV type or brand.


Can work be done on a rental as well as an owned RV?

“Many times, we get a call from another dealer or another company that has a rental or sold customer in our area that needs service. We accommodate these requests when able,” says Eccleton, Larry’s RV.


What sorts of repairs can be done via mobile RV service?

Mobile RV service can handle quite a few repairs related to your awning, appliances, battery and electrical issues, LP regulators and tanks, plumbing, and electric steps at your campsite, as long as they aren’t intensive repairs.  “Most service calls are simple repairs: fuses, power issues, water leaks, slide-out motors, air conditioner repairs. We have made some very large repairs in the field. We try to limit the larger repairs to appliance issues. Large carpenter work or roof repairs we need brought into our shop to do properly,” explains Eccleton, Larry’s RV. Muskegon RV, which focuses primarily on travel trailers, “covers every spectrum of a trailer.” According to owner Tim Baker, some examples include: problems with winterization when owners didn’t get all of the water out and caused their line to freeze and break; and plugging a 30-amp unit into a 110-volt outlet and burning out the air unit.


What can you expect with a visit from a mobile RV service provider?

“To have their trailer repaired in a quick and timely manner,” says Baker, Muskegon RV. This saves RVers time from shuttling their trailer back and forth to a shop and waiting for it to be repaired away from the campsite. This also ensures that the living quarters remain accessible and the campsite at their chosen campground, RV park, or RV resort intact.

Larry’s RV has a dedicated mobile service technician who visits the area’s campground and MIS Speedway. “We have a large van with our logo and it’s recognized throughout the entire Jackson County area.  It is fully stocked with the most common items needed,” explains Eccleton.

RVers can expect to get the full attention of the visiting technician, both in terms of explaining the issue and in his working on the repair.


What about insurance, do you need to worry about that?

Yes, insurance can come into play if a repair applies, says Baker, Muskegon RV. Eccleton of Larry’s RV adds some details: “We do a very large amount of service contract, insurance, and warranty repairs on mobile RV service. Many times, another dealer will call us to do warranty work because they do not offer mobile RV service. I can’t say we can honor these requests all the time, but we will if it can be fit into our schedule and the selling dealer is able to assure us of proper and timely payment. Often the insurance company will pay us to haul the unit into our shop for proper repairs that can’t be made in the field.” If you truly have an emergency repair, check with your insurer or roadside assistance provider – you may have some coverage that applies. So, it’s definitely worth asking.


The next time you have an issue with your RV, ask the nearest dealers and service providers to your location if they offer mobile RV service. You just may be saved a trip and have a fully functioning RV in a shorter amount of time.


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