These days, our society is growing more and more conscientious over energy needs and energy usage. More of us want to utilize these resources prudently. As an RV owner, you are already ahead of the game in some respects, especially if you are a full-timer with no traditional home to maintain as well.

What are some other ways to increase efficiency, realize energy savings, and contribute to the overall effort of utilizing our resources responsibly? These quick tips can help make a difference in your RV life, tangibly and financially.

Practice maintenance.  Replace the air filter, keep those tires inflated (and new if the tread is worn), and check regularly that all fluids are at the appropriate levels. A well-maintained RV is a more energy efficient RV.

Reduce the clutter. By reducing clutter, you also reduce the weight of your RV. Heavier RVs, again, have an impact on fuel efficiency during travel. Plus, less clutter means more room and a cleaner interior environment, which makes everyone happy.

Opt for batteries. Limit power consumption by utilizing batteries in appliances and electronic devices rather than plugging them in and using the RV’s power supply. However, that being said, be conscious of power consumption by any appliances you do use so that you can extend the life of your RV battery. For instance, you may not want to run two high-wattage appliances at the same time.

Let there be light.  Use natural light as much as possible, which not only provides visibility, it helps to warm up the interior of the RV, even in the winter. There’s also no need to have all the lights blaring all the time. When you or anyone in the family leaves a part of the RV, make sure the lights in that portion are turned off. As an addition or alternative, you can use LED or solar powered lights, lanterns, and candles, both inside and out.

Drive lightly. RVs are heavy, which means they can really affect your miles per gallon, but your foot doesn’t need to be. Stepping on the gas to accelerate quickly can decrease fuel economy by 5-33 percent. Rev up slowly instead.

Invest in warm bedding. Don’t skimp on sheets and quilts. Most nights in Michigan get cool enough to want to be buried under a blanket. Warm bedding will not only keep you snug and comfortable, you won’t need to run the heat in the RV

Cook over a campfire. Leave the appliances off as much as possible and cook over a campfire. With so much camping supplies at your disposal – Dutch ovens, griddles, grill tops, pots, kettles, etc. – you should have no problem making practically any meal over an open flame outdoors. This saves your RV’s battery and gets you outside more often.