Does the campground you’re at not have any plans, or you just want to do a simple get-together with your neighbors on your own? These six, kid-friendly ideas are perfect for a last-minute celebration.


If you’re in a campground with lots of kids, then ask other sites along your lane whether they would be interested in trick-or-treating. This gives kids the chance to dress up in their costumes and get a few sweets. Alternatively, you can organize a group and caravan to the nearest town or neighborhood.

Progressive Halloween Party

It’s the same concept as the progressive dinner party in which each site has a different course on the menu. Only this time, the dishes should be Halloween inspired. They can be finger foods (literally!), slow cooker soups, and desserts, with nobody needing to be responsible for a main course.

Games and Gouls

Each site has a different game or scary story to tell. Someone could do a donut-eating contest while another site does glow-in-the-dark bowling and yet another has a campfire at the ready with the best storyteller ready to weave a haunting tale. Do this at night for extra jitters and a sense of mystery.


Time this for around dusk, when costumes are still visible by the sunlight and yet that extra spooky element shrouds the parade-goers. Walk around the campsite showing off everyone’s costumes. Supply glow-in-the-dark bracelets, necklaces, and wands for even more fun.

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Challenge your neighbors to a friendly pumpkin carving competition. Allow everyone a single submission and three votes. Place a sheet of paper in front of each entry to silently record votes – or have everyone vote by round of applause.

Deck-out your Digs

Take a quick trip to a local dollar store and grab streamers, discounted Halloween decorations, and other fun pieces you can DIY into spooky decorations. Assign the kids different areas of the campsite – the landscape, the coach – and ask them to decorate to their heart’s content.