You don’t need to pack everyone up in the tow vehicle or toad to have a fun time when you’re camping. Many memories can be made right at your campsite and its surrounding area, all without ever needing to turn the ignition.

First of all, be mindful of which campground you choose and what sorts of activities matter to you and your family or travel companions. You should also take into account what kind of “experience” you want to have.

If you want a lot of amusements to choose from, search for a campground, resort, or park that has a lot of amenities: a pool, a lodge, a yard game area, a fishing pond, etc. Check websites for a breakdown of what they offer on-site and for any announcements about visiting programs. Look for a calendar of events for theme days, special events, and organized game competitions.  These types of activities can be wonderful for families with children as well as for the socialites among us, as they provide plenty of opportunity to interact with the neighbors.

If you prefer to be more sequestered and quiet, whether it’s to protect “family time” or to just unwind, then look for a location that is more humble in its offerings.  You may just want a general store and access to some hiking trails or a beach. You don’t mind there not being activities running every day.


Pack everything you need to amuse the crew on rainy days or “down” days. Don’t over pack, though. Just bring enough fun games, crafting activities, coloring books, reading books, and small toys to keep everybody in the camper happy and engaged. And having down time isn’t a bad thing, either. In today’s world, we don’t have enough time to be “bored.” But boredom can be our friend, especially for children, which encourages problem-solving and curiosity.


Just get outside. Ride bikes. Walk the trails. Spend the day at the beach. Go on a scavenger hunt. Set up yard games at the campsite and have a family tournament. Go on a beach walk and search for stones or beach glass. Look for a campground, park, or resort that is close to trail heads or is located next to a body of water (other than a pool). Simply exploring the grounds can be relaxing, too, and doesn’t require any seat belts.


Enjoy your time at the campsite!