Is a friend’s birthday coming up? Maybe you want to get something special for your spouse, whether it’s for an occasion or “just because.” And if that person likes to go camping, all the better. Campers, for as lightly as they pack, enjoy anything that can be used on their camping excursions – as long as it’s relatively small, compact, and undoubtedly multipurpose and useful.

For the RVer who likes to be prepared

Tire gauge: A lot depends on the health of your tires… the safety of your rig or trailer (and towing vehicle or toad, depending) as well as all the people and items that are held within. A digital gauge and your traditional stick or dial gauge are both handy to have.

Jump starter: A portable jump starter can be a life-saver when there’s a dead battery to deal with. This special gift can require working closely with the recipient so that it’s the right choice for their RV. Some come with other features such as a light air compressor and USB port.

Telescopic ladder:  Getting to the roof of the RV can be essential, whether that’s fixing a vent, removing a tree branch after a heavy wind, or shoveling off snow. A telescopic ladder is perfect for the always-prepared RVer as it’s easy to store, compact, and provides a fundamental function.


For the RVer who likes to preserve memories

Phone lenses: The clarity and resolution of phone cameras keep getting better and better. Many people use them exclusively now instead of a camera. If you know a shutterbug, then a collection of phone lenses is ideal – fish eye, wide lens, filter, etc. This gives their phone an added professional-like quality that will really make their vacation pictures pop.

Gift card: A lot of photos are taken and then just sit in our memory drives and on SD cards, never to be seen again. Give your special someone a gift card to a place that prints photos and custom albums, such as Shutterfly or Walgreens. This may be just the motivation they need order prints.

Waterproof phone holder: These run the gamut, from soft-sided pouches to hard-sided cases. It’s the ideal choice for RVers who love to be on the water or who are just downright adventurous and will go wherever the trail takes them. This gift will not only preserve their phone, but the camera built within… so they never have to miss out on making or retrieving memories.


For the RVer who likes to cook

Instant Pot: The instant pot has revolutionized the American kitchen, helping countless chefs make delectable, restaurant-menu meals in a condensed time frame. This is the ultimate kitchen appliance right now, and if your special someone doesn’t have one, they should. It speeds up cooking, especially of meats, significantly.

Stainless steel tumbler: Who doesn’t like to drink when they’re cooking? There are lots of tumblers on the market, but a stainless steel one will keep a chef’s drink consistently cool – or hot – as they work in the kitchen, indoors or out. Some have patterns while others can be monogrammed, making your gift much more personal.

Lantern: Sure, your RV has outside lights or party lights, but sometimes just a simple lantern is all that’s needed for ambiance – plus it can be used in many other situations. And if your chef has an outdoor grill and is grilling at night, a lantern is nice to hang overhead or have nearby for ease of cooking.


For the RVer who likes to move around

Membership / Pass: Give your friend the gift of traveling with benefits: membership or pass benefits, that is. A national park pass or a gift membership with an RV club will provide access to places and financial perks over its course of use.

U.S.  map: If it seems you have a friend who is always in a different state whenever you hear from them, then help them keep track of their nomadic conquests with a U.S. map that comes with either stickers or magnets (for the side of the RV). But Michigan is still the favorite, right? High five!

Atomic clock: “I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date!” Some RVers are always on the move, whether it’s scheduled or not. They just like change. An atomic clock is ideal for this type of RVer so that they can keep track not just of the time, but of the weather and the date… so they can make their plans – and wake up – accordingly.