The official logo for the Michigan Association of Recreation Vehicles and Campgrounds is offered here for you to be able to conveniently use it to accompany news articles, social media posts, videos, websites, etc. It is not intended to be used on any item intended for sale without explicit permission by the executive director. The official logo for the annual directory, Michigan RV & Campgrounds, is also available for use. If you choose to download and use either of these logos, please honor our request to not: 

  1. Alter the mark in any way.
  2. Use any part of the mark as part of another word.
  3. Redesign, redraw, animate, modify, distort, or alter the proportions of the mark.
  4. Surround the mark with, or place in the foreground over, a pattern or design.
  5. Rotate or render the mark three-dimensionally.
  6. Add words, images, or any other new elements to the mark.
  7. Enclose the mark in a shape or combine it with other design elements or effects.
  8. Modify the size or position relationship of any element within the mark.
  9. Add additional copy to the mark.