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 RV Interior and Exterior
 It’s an exciting time of year when you get to roll that RV out of storage and let it bask in the sunshine, to open the doors and windows and let
the fresh air in after a few stuffy, chilly months. It’s time to get the RV ready
for the season. Maybe you like to go camping early, before the high season starts. Maybe you’re just really excited.
Regardless of when you’re going camping, get the RV in top-shape well before the first time you pull out of the driveway. Pick a pleasant weekend to complete these cleaning tasks.
Have cleaning supplies ready and
within easy reach. It’ll be easier to accomplish your tasks if you don’t have
to be running back and forth for supplies. Bring everything with you when you start.
• Antibacterial cleaning wipes
• Multi-purpose cleaner (saves on
having too many bottles around and can be used on a wide variety of surfaces and fabrics)
• Window cleaner
• Fabric and upholstery cleaner
• Wax
• Baking soda (for the fridge)
• Paper towels
• Microfiber cloths
• Garden hose
• Broom and dustpan
• Shop vac, a cordless stick vacuum,
or handheld vacuum
• Dawn dish detergent (for the roof)
• Adjustable wash brush (for exterior)
and the inside of cabinet doors. Everything you took out should go outside on a tarp or blanket. Review those items and decide whether they can go right back in, need additional cleaning, or need replacing for the upcoming season. This is a great time to take stock. Oh, and don’t forget
the space under the bed!
2. Clean all vents, windows, and surfaces. Get the vent covers down and pull the screens off and give them a good clean with microfiber clothes and antibacterial wipes. A handheld vacuum may work just as well. Wipe dust and grime off the blinds, if you have them. While you’re around the windows, look for signs
of mold or cracking. Spray down with mold remover if needed, and reseal any spots that have serious imperfections. All surfaces should be wiped down first and then sanitized.
3. Clean appliances. If you did the job right in the fall, then you’ll have less to do in the spring. Check out our detailed how-to articles for cleaning your refrigerator and microwave on our website. But take a look at your oven and any portable appliances you may have left inside over the winter.
4. Clean the bathroom. Wipe down sinks, shower heads, shower walls, toilet seats, etc. Now is a good time to clean out the holding tanks, too, with a garden hose and an environ- mentally friendly deodorizer and treatment packet.
5. Scrub walls. If you cook inside
your RV, check that wall in particular for built-up food residue and other unseemly debris. Wipe down all the
Hose down. Before you open the windows and doors to air it out, give your RV a good bath. After months
in storage, your RV likely has some dirt, dust, and other grime, especially on the roof. Start from the top down, using cleaning solutions – preferrable biodegradable – that are appropriate for your RV’s siding and roof material. Starting from the top also helps avoid recleaning later, as anything from the top will run down the sides of the RV.
Clean the awning. It’s better to leave the legs off at this point and to simply spray the cleaner directly on any black streaks and use a soft bristled brush to work out any stains as the awning lays against the side of the RV.
Check the tires. Take a look at the condition of your tires. Look for wear, check the treads, look at the sidewalls, etc. Clean out the wheel wells with water first, clean the hubs and tires with a wheel cleaner, and check the snugness of the lug nuts.
Wax. Your RV needs a good
wax treatment at least once a year. Not only does it keep your RV look- ing sparkling new, it helps to protect your RV from the sun’s rays. Waxing also helps to keep off bird droppings, water spots, and road debris.
1. Clean out cabinets. Take everything out, regardless of where the cabinet is located or what’s inside. Yes, everything. Wipe down the shelves

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