28 12, 2016

Emergency Kits Every RVer Should Have

When it comes to an emergency, speed is of the utmost importance. Any first aid or roadside kit you have should be in a very accessible location. For owners of travel trailers (conventional, expandable, fifth-wheel, pop-up, sport utility), that means not leaving the kits in the trailer. Always have them in the tow vehicle, even [...]

21 10, 2016

Trick-or-Treat On the Road

If you’re a full-time RVer or you enjoy the fall too much to put away the RV just yet, and you have kids in tow who don’t want to miss out on Halloween festivities, there are choices for trick-or-treating so that you don’t have to! Visit friends or family. Make sure your trip plans include stops to [...]

14 09, 2016

7 Tips for Traveling Solo in Your RV

How will I set up by myself? Will I be safe on the road and at the lot? What will I do for security? Will I always be alone? These are just a few of the questions contemplated by those pursuing a solo RV trip. With the proper research, belongings, and attitude, you’ll be able [...]

30 08, 2016

Holiday Camping Etiquette

The buzz of Labor Day always makes for an exciting first September weekend all around Michigan. Hundreds of folks pack up their rigs and tow vehicles and head to their favorite spots for one last trip before the weather begins to cool off and the kids go back to school. Labor Day, or any holiday, [...]

21 06, 2016

RV Safety During Travel and Around the Campground

As RV owners, we are generally safety minded. But with the busy summer months now upon us, it’s more important than ever to be attentive about RV safety. People are out and about doing the outdoor activities they love, many of which occur on or very near roadways. There are more people driving around and [...]

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