30 08, 2018

Plan a Progressive Dinner!


As the season draws to a close, you’re likely looking forward to that last hurrah with your neighbors. Something fun to commemorate another great summer spent with family and friends, enjoying all that Michigan has to offer. But rather than coordinate a traditional potluck, consider mixing things up with a progressive dinner! At a progressive [...]

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28 06, 2018

Easy, Simple, Patriotic Recipes for Campsite Parties


The Fourth of July is full of parades, family, and festivities - all in remembrance of when our country acquired its well-fought-for independence. It was the pivotal moment in our history when we became a nation of our own. And the Fourth of July isn’t a holiday without there being plenty of food to share. [...]

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15 05, 2018

Chocolate Chip Recipes for Your Next Camping Adventure


What’s not to love about chocolate chips? They’re delicious as well as versatile. Chocolate chip cookies are lost without them, and so are these other recipes, which range from a dessert to a sauce for a Mexican fiesta.   Chocolate Chip Dessert Pizza, Courtesy of Love from the Oven If you’re ready for a change [...]

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18 04, 2018

Add a Little Garlic to Your Campsite Cooking


Garlic adds heat and depth to your cooking, and no camper should be without some fresh garlic on hand. These garlic-infused recipes will make the campsite smell so heavenly that even the neighbors will wander over. And yes, Michigan farmers can grow garlic, too, so you can pick some up fresh from your local farmer’s [...]

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8 03, 2018

Easy Spring Break Inspired Recipes


Add some tropical flavor and a sense of kicking back in a warm-weather climate – even if you’re nowhere near where the temperature is 80 degrees. Enjoy these Spring Break recipes that even your south-going friends would be envious of. Chocolate Dipped Fruit Kabobs – Courtesy of Very Best Baking by Nestle This easy, refreshing [...]

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20 02, 2018

3 Crowd-Pleasing Breakfasts


February is recognized for many things – the blistering cold, candy hearts, Black History Month – but let’s not forget, that it’s also Hot Breakfast Month! That’s right, a month to celebrate starting our days off strong with a hearty meal – sorry cereal! Here are three delicious, warm-you-up recipes that can be made for [...]

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26 01, 2018

Camper-Friendly Granola Bar Recipes


A must-have snack for on the trail and for when you’re craving an easy, sweet treat, granola bars are a camper’s best friend. You don’t need to run out to the grocery store every time. They’re simple to make and a fun activity for kids to help out with. Many of these ingredients are already [...]

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7 12, 2017

Sip, Sprinkle, and Indulge with Cocoa this Winter


When the weather turns chilly, a warm, comforting drink is in order. A steaming cup of hot cocoa brings back memories of warming up after sledding all day and visions of cozy Christmas Eves. But cocoa isn’t just for drinking; you can add cocoa powder to many recipes to add a little depth and character [...]

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6 12, 2017

Four Easy Methods for a Cleaner Microwave


Whether it was the microwave in your office, in your home, or in your RV, we’ve all been greeted by someone else’s splattered lunch. Even the most vigilant of microwavers have endured the mess of a well-intentioned meal gone wrong. It can be daunting taking on a three-week-old spill, especially if you’re not quite sure [...]

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20 11, 2017

Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes


Thanksgiving is such a joyous holiday. We give thanks for our all the wonderful people in our lives, we reflect on life’s blessings, and we indulge on the season’s finest foods and treats. But after the parades and football games, and everyone has parted ways, we’re often left with a fridge full of leftovers. Turns [...]

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